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4.8 out of 5
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72 Ratings

joe the shredder ,

Best guitarist ever

No one else puts more soul in there music or makes more music every year than buckethead, he is truely my favorite guitarist of all time and I hope he returns as soon as possible

RockinandRollin ,

For those of you who think he

Buckethead has the reputation for being one of the fastest guitar shredders in the rock genre. It's no secret the guy can play solos at warp speed. A lot of people criticize the Buck for being a one-dimensional guitar player. But the release of the Electric Tears album in 2002 silenced those critics. Eight years later and after a couple of spots on the Guitar Hero video games, Buckethead is once again known (to some) as a mindless heartless shredder who plays with absolutely no feeling. His most recent album, Captain EO's Voyage, will make those people eat their words!!! This album is very laid back, but manages to keep a rock edge about it. Most of the songs are slow to mid-tempo with powerful guitar chords and bass lines driving the movement. One of the greatest things about this album would be the short length of the majority of the songs. They are arranged in such a way that you will be upset when a song is over, because you wanted to hear more!!! But then the next song will begin playing and you'll feel good once again. It's a feature that will keep you listening over and over again. Most of the songs start and end with the same tempo...very little variation. One exception to this would be the song "Trails of Moondust." The song starts slow and builds to a climax--making it probably one of the most "complete" tracks on the album.

While the album remains very laid back throughout, Buckethead still manages to showcase his amazing guitar talent on every track. With some Buckethead songs I would think, "this track would be a masterpiece if someone could put some lyrics and a chorus to it to really convey the emotion." That thought does not cross my mind at all with Captain EO's Voyage. The emotion is there in every song. If Buckethead is a mindless, emotionless guitar shredder, then he must have had an identity crisis when making this album...because it's quite the opposite. Well done.

Burnzo ,

Jump on the Buckethead bandwagon

I just crawled out from under a rock and recently discovered Buckethead. Colma, Shadows Between the Sky and Captain EO's Voyage are laid back and thought provoking. Very innovative guitar work that you can listen to over and over again.

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