18 Songs, 51 Minutes


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59 Ratings

schweiTunes ,

For those who don't already know, . . .

. . . if you look carefully at the album graphics, you'll learn that the late Robert Goulet, Roddy McDowell, and Robert Coote co-star, and not every track (other than the instrumentals) is sung by J.A. & R.B.! Tracks 7 and 12 are Robert Goulet, solo! You may fix these credits once you buy, but not before. Do an iTunes search for Goulet, and this album will not turn up. Fie! Unfortunately Apple is not contractually compelled to display individual track credits accurately, and that's up to us, the knowledgeable consumers.

Sue_me_I_love_you ,

Creme of Camelot

Julie Andrews is absolutely perfect in this and who other than Robert Goulet as Lancelot? I love listening to everyone in this album, they are sensational. This is one of the few albums that I have listened to for years without get bored of. Richard Harris was good, but this cast is better

NYGBabe ,

Nothing wrong with Mordred

I respectfully disagree with the person who felt Mordred isn't up to par in this recording. Mordred sings only one song in the show, "The Seven Deadly Sins", which is less than 1.5 minutes. Would you cast the villain in your show with such a short song on singing ability alone? Mordred was played/sung by the magnificent Roddy McDowall, who by all record was outstanding in his only Broadway musical. And I think he brings just enough to the song to make it work. He's in tune with wonderful phrasing and variety in delivery. I guess you don't care for Rex Harrison or Yul Brenner either? :)

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