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larry toothbrush ,

So great, too great, nobody sings this well live

This is a fantastic "live" album. I bought this as a Canadian import when it came out in 1977, and always marvelled at the quality of the vocals for a live recording. It has been brought to my attention that the vocals were sweetened up in the studio to make this as good as it can be. They were very successfull.

For me this is the best Hollies album

jeremylr ,

The Hollies' 1st Live Album

This, their 1st live album, was recorded between January 24th & 28th, 1976, @ Christchurch Town Hall, New Zealand, featuring the classic line-up of the band, minus Graham Nash, who departed in late 1968 to form Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young. Terry Sylvester took his place. The line-up on this album was responsible for such classic songs including "Long Cool Woman," "He Ain't Heavy," "Air That I Breathe," & "Jesus Was A Cross-maker."

The band had only about 5 more years as a studio band before they hit the oldies circuit, but they play here with a vengeance. In fact, by 1981 both singer/rhythm guitarist Terry Sylvester (1968--1981) & bassist Bernie Calvert (1966--1981) left the band. Here they spotlight several songs from their classic "Another Night" 1975 LP: "Another Night," "Sandy," & "I'm Down." By the way, the "Write On" LP came out the same month this set was recorded in January 1976, & they include "My Island" & "Star" from it. "Star," not Stars, is the correct song title.

This album must be highly regarded by the band, since they released it in its entirety on the "Long Road Home" 2003 career-spanning box set. The vocals, particulary lead singer Allan Clarke (sounds just like the record), guitars, & drums are very prominent. You can hear the rhythm guitar here, too, courtesy of Terry Sylvester. Check out drummer Bobby Elliott on the 1st 2 songs, "I Can't Let Go" & "Just One Look." He's very underrated, & those songs really rock.

Other standouts for me include the then-recent "Another Night" & "Sandy," along with "Long Cool Woman," which I've always wanted to hear live. I think they were they 1st major act to cover a Springsteen song. A few songs have synthesizer, which was coming into fashion then. It's played in moderation, thankfully. One song I wish they hadn't used it on was during the Carrie-Anne instrumental break, but that's only a slight mis-step.

All in all, a great album that I'm glad I discovered.

ukeonio ,

One of the best live Albums

I first bought this album shortly after it originally came out as an import. I thought it was great then, and after forgetting about it for a few decades, bought it again, and still think it is great. The Hollies are vocally superior than most other pop/rock bands, and this live concert proves it. All the songs are very tight and memorable, even the lesser known cuts. Cant think of many other 'live' albums that can match this note for note.

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