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11 Ratings

Hick in the Sticks ,

Giant - James Cotton

I have vinyl in the closet. My first record player was a hand crank that played 78 RPM records. The butcher in my father's grocery store gave it to me when I was 5 years old - because I loved cranking that beautiful machine.

I have 8 track tapes around here somewhere. I have drawers full of cassette tapes. I owned a reel to reel player once. I have hundreds of CD's in
cases, stacked on the floor, over my visor, in briefcases. I had a shortwave radio when I was 12 years old to pick up music from around the world.
I have loved music and listened to everything from Gregorian chants to Rap (actually, they have very much in common).
I have listened to everything in between and much beyond.
I once quit an executive job in the tech industry and became:
A janitor in a College of Music. Not even the senior janitor.

So when I say that in 58 years I have listened to many tracks and heard the finest music ever created you can believe it. It's true.

" Since I Met You Baby " on James Cotton's Giant is why I love music. A plain ditty from the 1950's was done over by a master like Picasso re-using a paint by numbers canvas for something entirely new. Incredible !

6 string sting ,

oh yeah!

Now this is a great album. buy-buy agreed

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