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75 Ratings

musiclyminded:) ,

I like Girls.

You can't really write much about a compilation like this. Listen and feel Chris Owens' heartbreak, happiness and confusion about life as if it were your own.

Also, it sort of astounds me how pitch-perfectly Owens manages to articulate what it feels like to be a teenage girl.

K$17 ,

Psychedelia Beneath The Sunny Melancholy

From the glow of their comparatively sparse guitar minimalism of 2009's instant-classic Album to this years equally mesmerizing Broken Dreams Club, Girls have mined heartbreak better than nearly any band within that one year block.

Essentially, the inherent difference between the two releases are the studio embellishments. Horns now flank Christopher Owens defeated vulnerability, slide guitars wail with equal sorrow and dense atmospherics engulf the characters woes. This is a band benefitted with the expanse of option a studio affords, and consequently can extend the potency of their ephemeral pop-songs.

Opener, the cheekily titled, "The Oh So Protective One" is a relatively jaunty affair with jazzy horns riding alongside Owens' narration of a particularly mired young girl. "Heartbreaker" finds the band spilling out the type of weightless, swirling pop song that they perfected on Album while the centerpiece, "Broken Dreams Club", opens with rippling reverberating guitar paired with gorgeous slides. There's even a muted trumpet solo midway through the song, one of the releases best songs.

Though the record is littered with much pop improvement, album closer "Carolina" showcases a musical future that may altogether transcend Girls' brand of weighty pop. Beginning with a vague slide and shimmering ambience the track is an ambient-pop wonder that features an uncharacteristically stoic Owens navigating the sheer enormity that the ambience in the song affords. And if the inherent beauty isn't the paramount aspect of the track, it ends with a steadfast, bar-veteran jam session.

Ultimately, Broken Dreams Club was assembled as a testament to those fans and people whose compassion allowed Christopher Owens and all his past tragedies to manifest itself in the form of highly cathartic pop. That, despite being a relatively meager 6 songs and 30 odd minutes long, BDC stands as one of the years greatest releases is proof of one bands potency to catalogue the vices of heartbreak so musically assured that it just may as well been your own.

Stinkbomb2u ,



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