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37 Ratings

OR_DisFan ,

"... and my blues just melt away!"

A great album to cheer you up. Why do you think ears were invented? Buy "Night Time," it rocks! Oh yeah, don't forget "Love and Mercy" and "Melt Away"!

scooteralb ,

Brian Wilson - Brian Wilson

Brian's psychiatrist Eugene Landy had taken control. He did manage to get a whole album out of Brian, the most concerted effort Brian had made towards recording since the late seventies. The problem here isn't in terms of song writing. Many of these songs are fine. The problem is with the musical performances, especially in terms of production. Let's take the opening 'Love And Mercy'. Acclaimed now as one of the finest songs he's EVER written. Doesn't sound like it based on this version. The very worst eighties production and embellishments out of place.The recording of Brian's vocals leaves a little to be desired. Sure, his voice had declined in terms of range since the golden heyday of The Beach Boys. It's buried in the mix here! It's his own album! Well, sort of. 'Walkin The Line' is one of the few songs where the production is credited solely to Brian. It's a simple song but also a happy song. It's entertaining. 'Melt Away' is a gorgeous song. The production isn't obtrusive here and the harmonies work well. It's a pure Brian Wilson melody and a heartbreaking vocal from him. 'Baby Let Your Hair Grow Long' is pretty good too, actually. Lyrics not written by Brian but he certainly directed them. The music does what it is supposed to and reminds you of course of The Beach Boys. Many of the songs here certainly aren't offering anything new but this advanced into his career perhaps its unfair to expect too much innovation. 'Little Children' is a little simplistic but it remains fun listening. 'One For The Boys' is interesting! Accapella harmonies in the style of The Beach Boys. All the vocals performed and arranged by Brian. He sang all the parts. The title is an obvious indication. 

The re-mixes help. I love hearing this album however! It helped me through a lot of low points. Not as good as Smile...but I do not think that Brian could ever top Smile.

Give it a new listen.


johnnyribcage ,

Waited too long!

As a disclaimer, I am 32 years old so when this came out I was busy playing Mario and listening to Disney songs (which ain't far off). I got into the Beach Boys about 12 years ago, and progressed through all things Brian Wilson in the intervening years.

I kept putting this one off because I read so many off-putting comments about the production and Landy. Given what I know of Landy outside of that, I steered clear for years. Wellp…

I don't know who ultimately is responsible for this thing, but it's a hell of a Brian Wilson album no matter how you slice it. Probably his best solo effort, in my opinion. I guess you never quite know who's at the helm when Brian is involved in a project (even if the man himself is at the helm), but it doesn't really matter. I read somewhere that this was "Pet Sounds '88"…

I don't know about all that, but my take is that it sounds like Beach Boys Love You produced with a Pet Sounds sensibility. Clearly Brian played alot of instruments and wrote a lot of the lyrics. This album reeks of Brian. In a good way. It's way WAY better than Love You, and that album is darn good in it's own charming way. If you like (or love) Love You or Beach Boys (post 409 stuff) or B Wilson in any way, do not pass go. Click "Buy". Better yet, do what I did and pick up the vinyl. Vinyl always sounds best. I never recommend mp3/itunes downloads over vinyl. You need a nice system of course….

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