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Kelly Clarkson’s rich voice brings a burning emotional current to the hi-octane riffs of “Hear Me,” “Behind These Hazel Eyes,” and “Breakaway.” “Since U Been Gone” echoes the catchy hard rock of the Foo Fighters, and there are few female singers who can hold their own with such macho material. Clarkson blends elements of R&B, alternative rock, and adult contemporary and makes it all her own.


Kelly Clarkson’s rich voice brings a burning emotional current to the hi-octane riffs of “Hear Me,” “Behind These Hazel Eyes,” and “Breakaway.” “Since U Been Gone” echoes the catchy hard rock of the Foo Fighters, and there are few female singers who can hold their own with such macho material. Clarkson blends elements of R&B, alternative rock, and adult contemporary and makes it all her own.


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2.1K Ratings

__A__ ,

Kelly Breaks Away

Kelly Clarkson's album Breakaway is by far her most successful, bringing her grammy awards and 5+ top songs. There are defiantly a variety of song types on here from bubblegum pop, to rock pop, to slow ballads. The lyrics in all the songs seem to mean something and are entertaining, never boring. This is the ultimate pop album that I can't find any fault to. Kelly has proven herself to all of America on season 1 of American Idol, and so can not be judged as a bad singer. The professional song writers that collaborated with Kelly (I think) outdid themselves this time.

“Breakway” doesn't quite fit in any of the categories, because it isn't bubblegum happy sing along, it doesn't have a powerful rock backdrop and it isn't a slow ballad. Instead it's its own category, a cross between all three.

“Since U Been Gone” is a bubblegum rock pop track, one of her #1 hits. It starts off slow setting the stage for her eruption of whining/singing and then her complaining. It sounds like something that you wouldn't want to listen to, but actually it's really catchy and fun to listen to because Kelly somehow pulls off this and then later it turns into singing when it's repeated.

“Behind These Hazel Eyes” starts off with some moaning/singing and then Kelly comes in (thankfully). This isn't bubblegum fun, but more like a sad rock song. This doesn't seem like a song that I would choose if I were depressed or in a sad mood, because it sounds like she's singing about being on the verge of depression. This is very well done because Kelly likes to have fun in the background showing off her vocals while she sings the chorus at the same time.

“Because Of You” was redone as a country song with Reba. Also not a song you want to listen to if your not feeling your best. The first thing that I thought of when I listened to this song was a child whose parent couldn't give them the attention even though they've done good. It's still a good song to listen to and Kelly gets to have fun singing instead of doing a pure pop song.

“Gone” is my favorite on this album because it's so different from the rest. She sings off the beat which is very hard to do with very strong beats from guitars and other instruments on and off the beat. It just captivated me the second I heard the beginning. The chorus part isn't as interesting to me because it just sounds like pop, but I go through the pop because I want to get to the next offbeat part. For most of the song though, she sings on the beat. The lyrics, like all the other songs are good.

“Addicted” was one of the songs that I had never heard on this album. It's a nobody track. It opens with a very slow solo by Kelly singing about her addiction. Then she breaks into a slow rock ballad, something I could see Evanescence doing. This song is the perfect contrast to the five songs before because it is very minor and plainly upfront that it isn't happy.

“Where Is Your Heart” opens with a piano and Kelly doing a little bit of her moaning/singing. Then she starts singing her solo, showing off that she can sing. Then it becomes a song that people could slow dance to with the little drum beat and cello. I could see her standing up at her high school prom and singing this while playing the piano with a small band behind her. It does escalate to getting close to letting lose, but Kelly keeps it firmly in control not allowing it to get out of hand.

“Walk Away” is pure bubblegum pop. She sounds like she's having to much pleasure while she sings at the beginning (which makes sense because she doesn't know if “you should stay or you should go”). She shows off her vocals a little in this song, but mostly this is the doing of her professional writers. It seems influenced by another artist that isn't Kelly, but Kelly makes it hers.

“You Found Me” at the beginning sounds like it's going to be sad, but it seems to me that it's relief and newfound happiness. I kinda imagine the kid who sits alone at lunch and then some popular kid sits with them and then the popular kid figures out this shunned kid is really a nice person. It could also relate to American Idol because American Idol sort of found her. It's not really an impressive vocal display or lyrical display. The instrumental display is better in this song than any of the others.

“I Hate Myself For Losing You” is very cool because she is such a good singer that she makes ordinary things you might say into a song melody at the beginning. The chorus is awful though, her solo parts are the only interesting parts. Whoever wrote this it seems lost interest in creating a catchy entertaining chorus.

“Hear Me” sounds like a slow ballad at the beginning but then Kelly releases her inner rage, erupting into a plea to hear her. Again, it sounds like a kid who was being shunned by the rest of the school, but this time the kid is going to try to fit in and make a difference.

“Beautiful Disaster” is live, but that doesn't matter because Kelly can sing live. The crowd likes to release sudden bursts of screams throughout. It's a slow ballad that is slightly weak on lyrics, but still good.

Overall, I would recommend buying the album because there are no bad songs on here and it's entertaining.

DSM112 ,

Clarkson breaks away from her roots

Texas-born ‘American Idol’ Kelly Clarkson mixes rock with the contemporary on her sophomore effort ‘Breakaway.’ The album, which spawned five ultra-huge singles and went platinum six times, is the perfect example of the kind of product that can be achieved when true vocal talent, amazing production and veteran songwriters collaborate.

‘Breakaway’ kicks off with the title track, which was used for the Disney film ‘The Princess Diaries 2: A Royal Engagement.’ “Breakaway,” co-written by Clarkson and Avril Lavigne, features lyrics that both Disney and mainstream radio audiences can identify with.

There are also more obvious hits on ‘Breakaway,’ from “Since U Been Gone,” the song that made Clarkson a bonafide star, to the depressing declaration of independence “Behind These Hazel Eyes.” These two songs both went Top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 - and deservedly so. Despite missing the Top 10, the zany “Walk Away” reached a peak of #12 and showed Clarkson's fun(ky) side.

Clarkson offers two sub-par yet still solid pop/rock tracks in “Gone” and “You Found Me.” Either song would fit right in on Top 40 radio stations’ playlists, though they aren’t nearly as groundbreaking as the aforementioned singles.

The most memorable track on the album is without a doubt the emotional ballad “Because of You.” Clarkson wrote “You” at only sixteen as a way of coping with family issues. The lyrics are extremely gut-wrenching and the tone is morose, but these two aspects work perfectly and the result is a masterpiece.

Keeping with the ballad theme, Clarkson emotes herself well on “Where Is Your Heart” and the live version of “Beautiful Disaster,” though the former is a little too melodramatic. “Addicted” is another well-written ballad, though it has a rock-tinge which declares it uniqueness from the others.

In a showcase of complete rocker-chick ability, Clarkson delivers “I Hate Myself For Losing You” and “Hear Me.” Though her voice is at its most soulful in “Myself,” there is no hook and it isn’t all that pleasing to the ears. “Me,” on the other hand, has a great melody and Clarkson’s upper register doesn’t disappoint.

Commercial to the core, ‘Breakaway’ has more hits than a homerun derby. Though much of the success can be attributed to the ingenious production and concrete songwriting, it is ultimately the Grammy Award-winning Clarkson who makes this album soar.

KellyClarkson=Luv ,

The One That Started the Phenomenon

What can I say about this album? Its freakin amazin. So many amazing songs, no wonder she had so many hits on this album. Kelly really shines on all tracks, ther isnt a single song I dont like, and thats hard to come by these days. She has rock out songs, and powerful ballads. Buy it, its one of the best pop albums in recent time.

Top 5 Tracks:
Because Of You
Walk Away
Beautiful Disaster (Live) - so much better than the original

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