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Opinia rodzicielska: Teksty dla dorosłych. Apple Digital Master


Opinia rodzicielska: Teksty dla dorosłych. Mastered for iTunes

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Ocen: 486

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I’ll just send over all my money now if that’s cool with you guys

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I love it but...


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No Clean Version

I loveeeeeee AJR so much! They’re one of my favorite artists of all time! I was so hyped and excited for their new album, but was sad that there wasn’t a clean option. All the songs are amazing 5/5, but I only rated this 4/5 because there’s no clean option. When the pre-order option was available, the only reason I didn’t pre-order was because they’re wasn’t a clean option. So, I thought there would be one when the album officially came out. I’m 15 and my parents are very strict about music if it’s not clean. They barely let me buy this. They only let me because they know how much of a fan I am. But, they told me the next time AJR came out with an album without a clean option I’m not allowed to get it. I get that you want to add curse words to music because you think it sounds better, cooler, etc. But could you think of the people who don’t like that stuff? Or who aren’t allowed to buy explicit albums? The music you put up is fantastic, and I admire your work, but put out a clean album. You almost lost a sale because of something so simple. You probably lost other sales too, because you didn’t offer a clean album. Yes, it takes some more time and work. But, it’s worth it in the end to not only please your fans but to maybe make some extra sales too.

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