39 Songs, 2 Hours 29 Minutes


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.

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4.9 out of 5
26 Ratings

26 Ratings

JackFoster ,

Conflake Girl reclaims her fire

Part concept album, part breakup record, Boys for Pele is a seminal work from Amos, who steps capably into the role of producer on this album, and though you'll find brass bands, choirs and yes, the inevitable cow bell, this is not your typical third album self indulgence but an artist marking a very specific, singular and personal work. She traces the bloodline of the piano back to the harpsichord & plugs it in, creating an electric yet baroque sound you can hear to visceral effect on songs such as 'Blood Roses' & 'Professional Widow'. Her ability to write earnestly in the confessional mode is as strong here as on previous efforts, particularily with the moving 'Marianne' & 'Donut Song'. For an 18 track album there is surprisngly little filler, some of the shorter numbers fall somewhere in the place between skits on a rap album and tonal shift markers, but no one can imagine Boys for Pele without 'Mr. Zebra'. Still, It's hard to deny the amazing six song streak that opens the album, each vintage Tori; melodic, hooky, lyrical and compelling. Looking back now over the 20 years since the albums release you can see an artist absolutely at their zenith, her musicianship is focused, her voice soars, she is confident enough to experiment and skilled enough to turn those experiments into reckonings. Fans of Amos aren't looking for the dilution that makes more watery hits, nor do they shy away from challenging or idiosyncratic wor; this piece, perhaps her most focused and certainly her most ambitious, rewards the listener who craves unique music that surprises as it pleases.

Dddlla ,


Amazing! It's a masterpiece!

Rip Burn Trade ,

This remaster was very respectfully well done

I always say this is the one album I would choose to have on a deserted isalnd - and now the clarity is sick. Good job guys on the remaster as it's amazing!!!

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