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71 Ratings

Bennett H. ,


Why the heck did itunes cut out the "Judas" part?! I feel like i got ripped off by buying this album without that part in it. Here's a tip to anyone thinking about buying it from itunes. Dont. Its not the full album.

NeverForgetMyName ,

Oh, the redundant complaints of iTunes users.

Sheesh. Calm down about the "Judas" reference being supposedly cut out and blaming iTunes for it. Surely that incident was amusing, but why so many of you are bothering to rate an entire (and good) live album badly because of it is something that I can't quite understand.

If you're really THAT fixated on hearing it, here's a helpful hint: Buy the live version of "Like A Rolling Stone" from the soundtrack to "No Direction Home." The line is still there.

sweetnirvana ,

Dawn of Rock

This is, if not the best, certainly the most important concert in the history of Rock. As Dylan is handed an electric guitar for his final song, an audiance member shouts "Judas!" Many people felt that he had betrayed Folk music and sold out to the Pop craze. Dylan responded cooly with a "I don't believe you. You're a liar!" Then, turning to his band, he instructed "play it f*cking loud." They dive into the greatest recording of any song in history: "Like a Rolling Stone". After he finishes the 8 minute anthem, a short mix of applause and booing is followed by an eerie silence as Dylan leaves the stage. Perhaps even then they knew that they had heard a piece of history. I have the CD version of this album, and It just would not be the same without the "Judas" event. I have noticed others saying that it is not on this iTunes version, so while i absolutely recommend the album, get it some place else.

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