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Ocjena: 45

h2ho ,

uncharacteristically funky

I know what you're thinking,Harry Connick the mellow piano man......Wrong.This album is as funky as the meters.Still smooth but foot stompingly groovy.I dont know what got into Harry but this album almost excuses him from his appearances in Will & Grace. I havent enjoyed an album of his before or since this one but its a must have for the true funk fan.

killzoneradius ,

Harry Connick Major!

I agree with everyone on here in saying that this is his best album. I really wish he would do more of this these days. I used to listen to this as a teenager going to the lake in the summertime back when the world was perfect, so it has a special place in my heart and soul. Harry just rocks out on this album, I simply love it. And I agree if I had 5 cds to take with me on a secluded island this would definately be one of them! If you're thinking abot buying this, don't think anymore just do it, i promise you
you will absolutely love this work of art.

STEM Man ,

Best Album Ever Produced

Honestly, this is the best piece of recorded work ever produced. Not to be sacrilegious, but this album is like the Bible. You will always get something new out of it every time you experience it. I have never tired of it. Why on EARTH did he not produce more albums like this? Your other stuff is great, Harry but we need more FUNK!

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