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86 Ratings

rkughen ,

Not My Cup of Tea, but I Can Respect It

One of the things I find most disappointing about fan "reviews" of music is that those reviews are either all or nothing. Either it's the best record ever made or it's terrible. Worse still is that the reviews that fall into the "terrible" reviews are insulting and cruel. How does one go from loving a band or musician to hurling insults because the musician releases an album or song you don't like? To be honest, neither of these songs appeal to me (at least in the short samples I listened to in iTunes), but that doesn't mean I hate the musicians. In fact, it's quite the opposite. I respect that Bon Jovi is trying something new, and though it's not my cup of tea, I don't feel the need to sling insults at the artist. In this particular case, I think it's particularly bad given the quality human that Jon Bon Jovi has been. Regardless of whether I care for these two song, Jon Bon Jovi has always been one of the kindest, charitable, and upstanding artists in the industry. I'm not going to insult the man simply because he released a couple of songs that I don't really like, and I think many reviewers here would do well to remember the number of songs and albums Bon Jovi has made over the years that contribute to the soundtracks of our lives. And I am not giving up on this record either. When it is released in May, I will listen to the entire record with an open mind, and if it's still not appealing to me, I will still appreciate all the records the band has released that I do like. More importantly, I will respect the band for trying something new.

shwrscwa ,

This isn't 1987

I'm assuming the people on here leaving a lot of the bad reviews.Are people still stuck in 1987.Thinking Bon Jovi is going to write "Living on a Prayer part 20".Does this sound like Slippery When Wet or New Jersey.NO.But this is 2020.Jon Bon Jovi is a 57 year old man.In my opinion Bon Jovi has stood the test of time.From all the bands of that era.Bon Jovi is the one that you still hear.Even on Sirius xm you hear their new music.The majority of the bands from the 1980's and early 1990's.Either broke up 15 years ago.Or five of them go on tour together.I think the new songs sound great.For those who say Richie needs to come back.Richie Sambora left on his own.He decided to leave.He left the band on two different tours to go into rehab.Which he stated his bandmates stood behind him and help him through it.Judge the music on whether it's good or not.Not because it doesn't like something back in 1987 through 1990.

rockin rob M. ,

good stuff here

not my favorite bon jovi album so far but it is not too bad so far. i hope theres some 80s sound on this. other than that ill still buy it. my wife likes bon jovi so i have to buy it. lol

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