13 Songs, 52 Minutes


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.

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5 Ratings

El Donesque ,


This is the Blow Up Hollywood album that started it all. The album that introduced me one of the most creative bands to come along in quite some time .Frankly, the album that restored my faith in modern music at the time of its release. If you haven't heard these guys before, then this is where you should start. You'll find a band that checked its ego at the door; no photos of band members and no credits anywhere in the package. They obviously wanted the work to stand on its own, as a whole, without drawing attention to the individuals who created it.
There are very few bands that can span multiple genres on the same album without sounding disjointed and overreaching. Somehow BUH manages to escape that pitfall; combining straightforward pop/rock with symphonic instrumentals, ambient textures, and jagged avant garde pieces in a way that seems completely organic.
Lyrically, BUH are on a search for what's next. What is it that awaits us after we shuffle off this mortal coil? Hardly a new question but it’s asked here in some very original and beautiful ways. Rarely have songs about death felt so uplifting. “Kite” and “Coming Home” are wonderful examples of this, but it’s “The Sweetest Moment” with its sparse arrangement and haunting Whirlitzer that captures the joy and sadness of one’s passing so wonderfully that it never fails to bring a tear to my eye.
So get this album, and let it be your gateway to the world of Blow Up Hollywood. It’s a trip you’ll want to take over and over again. This album sets the stage for a catalog of amazing albums, each with its own unique voice that builds on its predecessors. Let the journey begin!

A true Island Girl ,


I was just introduced to Blow Up Hollywood in the last couple years. I've found music to have lost its entertainment value for the most part and kept going back to my old favorites. It was so refreshing to hear this band's music and I love every album, as different as each one is. This first album happens to be the last one I've heard and it is absolutely beautiful. Having just lost someone very close to me, I found the lyrics uplifting and leaving me with a sense of peace and promise. I guarantee that you will fall just as in love with this one as the rest!

Chelsea1980 ,

BLOWN away by BLOW Up Hollywood

So "Holly's Kite" must be a conceptual reference to "HOLLYwood"? I noticed someone else made reference to "birth" (on another site) in a review of that track. Never thought of it that way, but makes sense. I also love how this "Kite" idea re-emerges later in the album. I especially love the tracks "Ascension" and "Descend".

ASCENSION: Delicate strings intro with subtle, almost subliminal a cappella like (Gregorian) chant out of a large cathedral as the bowing of the cello grows more intense, ends with a brief natural harmonic

DESCEND: Surround sound dogs, twangy fiddle comes in strong, a modern sound, modern style of fiddle combined with drumming, clever passionate use of bow along with nice use of harmonics on the violin (wear headphones to catch subtle details) I normally SKIP tracks on albums. This is truly a work of art and well put together. The ordering of tracks, sounds/lyrics, conceptual themes, even titles of tracks.

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