12 Songs, 46 Minutes


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4.9 out of 5
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16 Ratings

JavaLobbyInCA ,

Refreshingly modern Choir sound

I played electric guitars on "Birds, Bewildered" back in August 2017 and the early mix and the few songs written then did not indicate anything exceptional yet. Steven Leweike did a superb job mixing and producing at Yackland studios in Nashville. The final compilation is both classic The Choir with Derri's vocals being as sweet and smooth as ever with the exception of "The Way You Always Are" which sounds like it was recorded earlier in their career. Steve Hindalong's drums are solid and never overpowering but always complimentary. What you will find on this disc is a "rhythm" and a "groove" that has been missing from the band's more atmospheric offerings over the past ten years. All of the songs are catchy and offer both tragic, sad songs of lament and remorse over bad decisions made as well as fun and somewhat silly tunes like "Californians on Ice" and "We've Got The Moon" (Listen for the Ukelele - a first for The Choir). This is perhaps the most enjoyable project the band has made in some time. Atmospheric-laden guitars are still present in songs like "The Time Has Come" and "Only Reasons". But more up-beat songs like "Magic" pierce the atmosphere and give the listener a hook to hang on to. "Dizzy Wounded" shows what Choir fans have always known - that Steve Hindalong is a master of prose while "House of Blues" reminds the listener that sometimes it is better to burn it all down and start over than to live in a bad situation. Give every song on this disc a listen to at least once and enjoy what these talented musicians/songwriters have to offer this time around!

Henderjon ,

The best Choir album in years.

I've been a Choir fan for a long time and really enjoyed the "flying" albums (SB, FFS, LiF, FYW, etc.). Circle Slide is an absolute triumph. I'm a fan. Shadow Weaver had to grow on me, but it did (and I love it). While I would say that all their albums are quite good, this one is head and shoulders above the last coupl. Unfortunately, I think that's largley based on some very heartbreaking lyrical transparency. Adding to that, sonically, this also hearkens back to Flap your wings and Shadow Weaver. I highly recommend this record.

Amandajs1015 ,

The Choir delivers yet again!

I always get nervous when my favorite band releases another album- they have so much to live up to? Can they possibly release another album that measures up? This is their 17th release (I think!) since the mid 1980s and they do not disappoint. Steve’s lyrics are honest and heartfelt. Derri’s voice is magic. Listen to it. Then listen again, and again.

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