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4.6 out of 5
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23 Ratings


A Brutal Return! Faster and Darker!

Winds of Plague is back and better than ever! Let me start this off by saying that I have been a WOP fan since way back with their release of their EP in the early 2000's! Being a long time fan, I was very disappointed with their last 2 album releases "Resistance" and "Against The World". Although, now they are back to their true sound! This new album is almost everything you love about this band. The main reasons I believe this album is so great is because it is FASTER and DARKER. This updated sound is filled with tons of blast beats, epic keyboards, fast guitar riffs, and of course brutal breakdowns throughout. You can also still hear a lot of the hardcore inspiration on this album, although unlike the previous albums, they flow much better and don't sound like they were thrown in the last min. The keys in the album are definitely some of the bands best of all time, adding amazing epic layers to each track! Also, Johnny, the vocalist has brought back much more of the high pitched screams that have a unique black metal sound, which really darkens the sound of these tracks. My only complaints: I wish I heard more low pitched death metal vocals at times, and I could do without some of the cheesy sounding whispers at times. This album features some of the bands best tracks, my favorites were, "Nameless Walker", "Soul Eater", "Blood Of My Enemy", and "Either Way You Lose". WOP seems to really connect with their true sound again and redefined it to be some of their best yet!


Mature sound

Johnny sounds extra mature and is doing bigger and better things with those powerhouse vocal cords. Never Alone shows us already that these fellas and lady still got it! They always deliver and will make it well worth the wait

Matt9206 ,


The Plague is Back.

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