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4.9 out of 5
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45 Ratings

Michael2215 ,

Therapeutic to say the least

Blood Bank kicks off with the title track, ushering in a calm, uplifting mood. “Beach Baby” slowly eases off the uptempo “Blood Bank” and brings a slightly mournful tone to the EP. Minimal lyrics reflecting on an encounter with a past lover at a beach allow for the listener to recall their own memories of young lust and youthful romance. "Babys" begins with semi-melodic, semi-chaotic piano that somehow sounds comforting, although the sharp hitting of the keys creates a hectic background to Vernon’s perfectly imperfect falsetto. The song entails a confession of summer love. Vernon uses summer as metaphor for new life, while explaining his woman’s and his own romance.The closing track, “Woods”, takes the listener to Vernon’s cabin in the woods, where he wrote his “For Emma, Forever Ago” album. He takes you through the mind of a troubled man who wants to “slow down the time” to be able to feel emotion for a longer, more meditated amount of time. There isn’t enough time for him to get it all out without missing out on the other aspects of life. His gorgeous, layered, and occasionally auto-tuned (for effect only) vocals are all you hear. Truly a man pouring his heart into his music.

All in all, Blood Bank is an excellent EP for anyone interested in delving into their own memories, mind, and buried emotions. This experience gives the listener new perspectives, and allows them to heal old wounds along with the artist, almost as if they’re going through it all together.

Needle And Groove ,

Honest, organic masterpiece

Bon Iver never ceases to amaze me. He is a true artist. He not only knows how to sing and play, but how to make the listener feel something. That is powerful. Like most of his music, it's a beautifully composed and executed EP, especially Beach Baby with that slow, deep slide guitar in the end. Wow. That song moved me. If that song doesn't make you feel something, then you have no heart. I don't really get the last song though. It's not Bon Iver's style. I actually deleted it



Vibes man..

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