Editors’ Notes “I began putting together this song in 2019 with a sense of summer,” Yojiro Noda tells Apple Music of RADWIMPS’ single “Blame Summer.” “I didn't think 2020 would be this type of summer,” says the singer/guitarist/pianist, referring to the COVID-19 pandemic, “but the song became one that I have strong feelings for. In 2020, people became conscious of social distancing in everything they do, so it is difficult to come together and experience something. My hope is that this song will rejuvenate the summer spirit of our common consciousness. I'd be happy if people listen with the hope that summer will come back once again.”

“Blame Summer” feels perfect for the season—it’s relaxed and breezy, with bright horns that add a sense of excitement. Season-inspired songs are new for the artist, but it’s something he was happy to try. “I had a strong desire to directly express summer in the RADWIMPS style. I feel that something like the beauty, the fleetingness and rambunctiousness of summer are all embodied within the song and in the lyrics. I like it.”

The single is available in two versions, with lyrics recorded in both Japanese and English. “Languages certainly differ in terms of the number of bars and the number of beats used,” says Noda of the challenge of writing lyrics in two languages to one melody. “When you say the same thing in Japanese and English, it takes about half as many words in English. In other words, for the other half I have to add words and stories. That is both fun and a challenge.” Listen to both versions here, exclusively on Apple Music.

Blame Summer
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