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2 Ratings

Kmaster78 ,

Great Stuff!

It's Eurobeat is a great compilation of music from the label Boom Boom Beat/SAIFAM/Zanzara. I notice one of the songs was actually in a DDR Game. It's a total surprise to me and a great find. All songs are great no of the less. You can find them in Japan on Super Eurobeat CDs. Great Music indeed.

zoupzuop2 ,

SAIFAM keeps the hit-train rolling

SAIFAM, an Italy-based record label known for, amongst many other things, its Eurobeat, has finally set forth much of its long-needed Eurobeat hits on iTunes. This is #2 of a so-far-four-part series, and this one's really got a great mix. Let's hit the notables:

*SEXY SEXY SEXY by Ken Martin-- This one's already been on for a while, but it's good enough to score two spots anyways. It's one of those songs you can't really be a die-hard SAIFAM fan without bringing up at some point.
*BLACK UFO by Lupin-- This is my current favorite song of the last two months. I kid you not-- I have the burned CD with the version I bought from the SAIFAM site on it, and I have yet to tire of its EXCELLENT synth riff, great vocals, and high production values.
*DREAM OF YOU by Alvin-- Ken Martin's more sentimental side brings a hit that featured on Super Eurobeat 169, with a very warm and smooth feel to it.
*SPIDERMAN by Mark Foster-- A Parapara classic featuring everyone's favorite webslinger. It's one of SAIFAM's fastest Eurobeat songs on the catalog, and it, too, is quite a classic. Worth the download.
*LITTLE DON by the Factory Team ("Fatory" is a typo)-- This marked SAIFAM's debut on Super Eurobeat since its split with Time Records (back when they were one record label called Flea), and they hit the ground running with this Russian-flavored hit.

Way to go, Factory Team! Keep 'em coming!

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