11 Songs, 33 Minutes


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4.8 out of 5
43 Ratings

43 Ratings

7-14-77 ,

great music

I've been listening to these guys for a couple of years now. Do yourself a favor and buy this. Its a steal at $7.99.

JoeDudley ,

The Black Keys Called...

The Black Keys called and said they wanted they're style back. But seriously, obviously heavily influenced by the Black Keys early albums, these tunes certainly rock. I went back and listened to the some old Black Keys and this is actually better. Very catchy and slickly produced, sung through a harmonica microphone, with guitars juiced with Cap'n Crunch, you can't listen without wanting to get up and dance. Left me wanting to hear more!

Green Machinist ,

many, many flavors of Rock

Lets be clear: if the songs sucked there would be no point in writing this. They don’t. Quality , well written, catchy songs. Its how they deliver them that got my attention.

I hear many obvious influences: Black Keys, Jack White, Muse. But that is not all, for sure. There are moments when The Blue Stones venture from early 70s Brit blues-rock to full on Melvins-like fuzz within 1 song, yet it doesnt feel so jarring like that sort of thing tends to be. Instead, while each song stands on its own the whole album feels cohesive.

My only real gripe with this album is the drums. I understand everything is 100% digital now, but why, why , why must the drums be triggered?!?
Overall, Id say this is a good representation of where rock music is headed. The Blue Stones might only be "The Next Big Band!" like Ive been seeing ,or they may also be the ones who go a little further into the stratosphere. Too soon to say, but this is a great first effort.

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