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719 Ratings

foremostny ,

i had it since saturday!

well, i preordered the 3cd set (who still plays vinyl anyway?) and i fully expected it to land in my mailbox by the end of this week. LO! to my exciting delight it came yesterday, saturday the 20th :D and to think on friday afternoon i was wondering why i never seem to be one of the lucky ones to get anything early.

so here it is...nightmare is just dark and heavy as can be. totally awesome and very well thought out musically, both in the chord structure and in the song structure, and not to mention the choices of effects on guitars and keys. perhaps it even hints at under a glass moon, which is about driving in the rain. rite of passage we all know by now, so no comments except that i guess they really dont like the new pres and his cohorts in the senate and house. wither is also great, and there is some really lyrical guitar stuff. shattered fortress is the final (i would guess) installment of the aa theme from portnoy, and it is certainly the most solid piece on the album. it musically rehashes tons of their stuff dating back many albums, including stuff that is not so obviously part of the aa entity. it really brings the whole installment full circle and sums it up in a most awesome fashion. the best of time is a gorgeous piece of music, and it is an ode not only to mp's father, but to all father/son relationships. it hints to take away my pain as well in the opening guitar passage. count of tuscany is one of their epic songs that i accustomed to since they first started playing change of seasons over 20 years ago! but lyrically i am not so sure what they are aiming at beyond a hannibal lecter theme. the album as a whole is VERY loud and i had to turn down the speakers. but as a whole it is light years beyond systematic chaos. everything is so well thought out and kevin shirley even returned for some production, which is also outstanding. jp and mp have both returned to musicality, rather than just shredding (toft, anyone?), and they really made a return to their darker writing style of the kevin moore days. alot of stuff really falls into place here, and even though any albm by any band has its disappointments, i am just very impressed with the whole album.

Fender Stratocaster ,

Anything DT ever Does as a whole group is a God Sent.

Is there any band out there that even remotely could be compared to DT?

CooperC ,

This is one hardcore DT album!

BCaSL is among Dream Theater's finest work. Are there problems with this album? Yes. Portnoy needs to realize that the "Opeth" growls he has taken such a liking to are not metal and are not cool; they just sound stupid and downright laughable. The thirty second growl interlude near the end of "A Nightmare to Remember" alllmost ruins an otherwise excellent, and I mean excellent, song. I skip that section every time and the song is great. Petrucci's guitar work on this latest effort is some of his best, with melodic lines appearing in equal number with searing shredathons that will have anyone's head exploding. Rudess and Portnoy also display some of their best work, as does LaBrie. I am more than sure that Myung recorded excellent bass tracks, but they are mixed so low on this album he may as well not be in the band.

This is, in short, a great addition to the Dream Theater catalog. "Nightmare" and "Count" are my favorite tracks, but "Passage" and "The Best of Times" are excellent as well. Like any album save perhaps four or five in history, there are a few throwaway tracks here.

In sum, I'd recommend picking this up.

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