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155 Ratings

Jules I love my dog ,


Hey! We Ok reminds me of the old NSN but more mature, its about time they go back. Can't wait for the whole album.

NeverShoutNeverSupporter#1 ,

Song by Song Review

Hey! We OK: This song is about embracing who you are as a person, not taking the crap others may give you for your way of life, and it’s genuinely a feel good song. While it may be a very different sounding song, it still has a good message like most of NSN’s songs. The best part of the song in my opinion is at the very end when it is just the piano and Chris’ vocals, ending the song in a nice smooth manner. For me personally, the song sort of loses my attention after listening to it multiple times and I get bored of it. 7/10.

Fone Tag: This song is a remake of sorts of a bonus track off the 2012 album “Indigo”. But a good thing about this song is that it is so different lyrically and instrumentally, it’s basically like they are two completely different songs. This song is definitely one of the most pop sounding, upbeat songs on the record. The song is about Chris nervously trying to decide to call a girl and supposedly ask her out. It is very catching and makes you want to dance around. While this song may not be for everyone, but I personally really enjoy this song. With the intro of the trumpets, the catchiness, the dance-worthiness, and the cool little guitar solo by Ian Crawford, this song is one of my favorites on the record. 9/10.

Red Balloon: This song tells the story of a red balloon who flies into the sky and sees the world from a brand new perspective. This song brings a bit of a storytelling element into the album. Drew and Macfee (Taylor cowrote the song) definitely show high quality songwriting in this song and people who enjoy NSN’s older stuff will definitely enjoy this song. My only issue is that at times the vocals can seem a bit bland but it’s not too much of a problem for me. This song was one of two songs on this record to have been played before their release. To me, the live, striped down version of the song really benefits the track more than the studio version. 7.5/10.

Happy New Year: This is another one of my personal favorites on the album. While it is a lot like some of the generic pop stuff, NSN really takes that sound and makes it their own. The track really benefits from the backing vocals from Jill Lamoureaux, who adds to the beauty of the song. It is a very laid back song with a sort of “f--- it” vibe, as Chris describes it. The song is simply about getting away, doing what you want, and not really caring about what others think. 8.5/10.

Awkward Conversations (Best Day): This song is a very upbeat, feel good song. In the chorus, it talks about closing his eyes during a conversation, turning back time, and when he opens his eyes the day will be “the best day” of his life. I had high expectations for this song as there was a really great sounding Instagram video he posted during the recording process. The song ended up changing in the studio from an alternative sort of sound to a more pop sound, so in that aspect the song was a little disappointing. Yet, the song is another very solid song on the album and a lot fans very well may really enjoy this song. 8/10.

Black Cat: This song is one of NSN’s darkest songs, telling the story of a man/black cat’s life. War is a heavy topic in this song and it is an anti-war song. It’s another strong song when it comes to the songwriting section. This song is the 2nd song that was played live before the release. I very much preferred the live version because it had a lot more emotion and better instrumentation. Also they decided to add some weird space noises to the song that I didn’t really enjoy at all. 7.5/10.

Peace Song: This song is probably the best song on the whole record to me. This song is also technically a remake of a song called “Pray for Peace” which can be found online, but was never really released. The song’s message follows in the steps of the previous track “Black Cat”, being about anti-war. They took an already great song and found a way to improve it. They did not overproduce the song, they made it very simple, just his voice, a ukulele, and some whistling. It sounded like a live performance and was simply beautiful. One of my favorite songs Never Shout Never has ever recorded. 10/10

WooHoo: One of the most unique songs on the record, WooHoo is meant to be a really fun love song. Both the instrumentation and vibe of this song is so different than the rest of the album, it is almost refreshing. I feel like some fans will like this song, while others may just disregard this song. Personally, I am currently really enjoying this sort of different, fun song, even though it normally isn’t my cup of tea. 7.8/10.

Boom!: This song is a difficult one to review. It is a very upbeat sounding song and Chris has said it is meant to be a silly song, a song that's not taken very seriously. It’s definitely a song to get your head shaking but it’s definitely also one of the worst songs on the album. Probably one of the most disappointing aspects of the song is how you can’t even understand some of the words during the verses because of how distorted the audio is. This song would’ve been far better suited as an acoustic song. 5.8/10.

All is Love: This final track really captures the topic this album really focuses on overall, which is love. Whether it is loving a particular person, loving yourself, or even loving everyone. It is a very catchy song, upbeat song, with a great message. Again, one of my favorite songs on this album. I feel like this song was the perfect song to close out this album on a nice strong note. 8.5/10.

Final thoughts: The album is great for fans of both the older music and the new. This album really delivers some great lyrics like “You know I love you, it’s just tough to love myself”, “I gotta love because I’m alive”, and “I know most people they call it hell, I call it home”. With this album, I’m convinced that Never Shout Never has hit it off in the songwriting department and I can be sure that with whatever style they bring to the table next, they’ll kill it.

Alexowensbtw ,

Back to Warner bros huh?

What happened to self production?

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