21 Songs, 1 Hour 5 Minutes


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7 Ratings

Tyrion Archer ,

The Trilogy Complete!

This epic, emotional, and surprisingly menacing soundtrack brings a perfect end to Nathan Furst's musical journey through the world of Bionicle. Great themes from the first two movies are carried over, and still others are evolved beautifully - for example, the Toa Metru's motif from Legends of Metru Nui has evolved into a new but similar sounding theme for the Toa Hordika (showing up in "Flying Escape" and "The Falling Tears"). There are even a few new themes and motifs that are very memorable, such as the themes for Keetongu and the Rahaga. There's even an unused sketch for Roodaka's theme at the very end which sounds really cool. I do prefer the Legends of Metru Nui score over this one overall, but Web of Shadows is different in all the right ways and I still consider it one of the best film scores ever made! I am so happy and grateful that Nathan Furst finally decided to take the initiative and get these timeless masterpieces restored, remastered, and released. Bionicle has stuck with me for so many years, and I can finally enjoy the films' amazing music on its own without having to watch the movies. All three albums are phenomenal (Mask of Light, Legends of Metru Nui, and Web of Shadows [this one]) and I look forward to blasting a marathon of the trilogy! Highlights of this album include "Web of Shadows", "Sidorak and Roodaka", "Flying Escape", "The Great Temple", "The Falling Tears", "Strength Comes From Unity", and "Off to Mata Nui". That being said, just buy the whole album.

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