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4.9 out of 5
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28 Ratings

dislis ,

Love this.

This is a great album! It's got some awesome classic songs along with a Danny Elfman score. What more could you ask for in a soundtrack? The music perfectly compliments the mood and scenes in the film. I love Big Fish (I personally think it's one of Tim Burton's best, sad, lovely and hopefull) and the soundtrack and you will too. Give it a try.

Trevor Hempfling ,


If you've seen the movie, you'll understand what I mean when I say the music is its own character. The score is a bit of all the characters, yet stands strong without the characters' backgrounds. 'Finale' is, without a doubt, my favorite piece (mainly because of the scenes which it corresponds with). It brings together the entire movie into an 11 minute ride of heart-filled emotions. In fact, I bought this entire album just for 'Finale.' It touches on every significant story within the entire movie and lets you recall that story based on the style and melody.

If you like 'Big Fish,' you'll like the soundtrack as a whole. If you've never seen 'Big Fish,' you'll still appreciate the melodies of the album as a whole and possibly get a kick out of the vocal tracks. Why anyone would consider giving this album less than 3 stars is beyond me (but perhaps it's because they, like me, wanted 'Finale,' and were irritated that they had to buy the whole album for just the one song - it does seem to come up in most of the comments that I've seen on iTunes and other music stores after all).

Bravo Tim Burton and Danny Elfman for one of your finest collaborations that I've ever experienced!

lizza23 ,

Great stuff

And the reason I give this gorgeous album five stars is because my favorite track being "Finale"- I skimmed over to see it has succombed to the iTunes commercial trap that is the "album only" option. Seriously, the reason people use iTunes is to avoid paying for the whole CD. Stop being greedy and making things album only, it's only going to encourage pirating.

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