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On Spirit, Leona Lewis wears her UK X Factor crown with easy grace. The BRIT School alumna has a voice that can soar, but she’s also brilliant at reining it in, as when she subtly introduces light R&B phrasings into songs like the Mariah-esque "Better in Time." Just as importantly, she knows the value of a good beat. "Forgive Me" has an unexpected arena-rock stomp, and the soaring vocals on lead single "Bleeding Love" are anchored by imaginative, blown-speaker kicks.


On Spirit, Leona Lewis wears her UK X Factor crown with easy grace. The BRIT School alumna has a voice that can soar, but she’s also brilliant at reining it in, as when she subtly introduces light R&B phrasings into songs like the Mariah-esque "Better in Time." Just as importantly, she knows the value of a good beat. "Forgive Me" has an unexpected arena-rock stomp, and the soaring vocals on lead single "Bleeding Love" are anchored by imaginative, blown-speaker kicks.


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2.5K Ratings

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Lewis shows 'Spirit' on debut

The latest star from across the pond lands in the U.S. with her debut album ‘Spirit.’ Leona Lewis, winner of 2007’s British talent show ‘The X Factor,’ pours her angelic, pure vocals into a mixing bowl of pop and R&B.

Lewis kicks off her album with the mid-tempo ballad and #1 hit “Bleeding Love.” On “Love,” Lewis shows off her upper register, combining her dynamic vocals with relatable lyrics and 90s-influenced instrumentation. The emotion “bleeds” from her voice and results in a resounding statement of dependence.

One thing that is certain is Lewis’ vocals take on many different identities throughout her ‘Spirit.’ On the ballad “I Will Be,” Lewis makes the fairly dull lyrics come to life as the song transitions into a powerful Faith Hill-like power ballad.

Lewis also pulls out a few radio-ready, Americanized tunes in the dance worthy synthesized “Misses Glass” and the Akon-penned “Forgive Me.” Both songs feature aspects of music from decades past, as “Glass” echoes back to the ’80s, while “Me” reaches back to the early ’90s. Also on “Me,” Lewis shows off her spunky self for the only time on the album (“Forgive me baby, for I gotta take a chance tonight / So I’m doing me, myself and I”).

The lowest point on ‘Spirit’ is the subdued but bordering on cheesy “Yesterday,” which goes from being sappy to something the Spice Girls would record in a matter of seconds. “Take a Bow,” which was produced by OneRepublic front man Ryan Tedder among others, is another valley on ‘Spirit,’ as an annoying hook and depressing lyrics make the song sound overdramatic.

A middle eastern-influenced hook gives “I’m You” a unique sound, and Lewis’ lower register is comparable to Toni Braxton, while her Mariah Carey-like runs are able to coexist rather than clash. “Better In Time” is another strong AC radio contender, as its lyrics are on the bland side, but when she goes into her falsetto, Lewis’ vocals really do shine.

But the catchiest track on ‘Spirit’ is “Whatever It Takes,” an ’80s sounding mid-tempo complimented by deep strings that come into the picture in a pivotal moment during the bridge, allowing for a powerful climax. The end result is truly amazing. The Stargate-produced “Angel” is another solid track that carries a message of everlasting love (“This world, this world could leave us any day / But my love for you, it will never go away”). The features musical similarities to Rihanna’s “Hate that I Love You” and Jordin Sparks’ “Tattoo.”

Lewis’ cover of Ewan MacColl’s “The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face” remains true to the original in that it is a slow drawn out ballad, but her vocals soar to Whitney Houston-like heights. Similarly, on “Here I Am,” Lewis documents a commitment to her loved one, and the simplistic instrumentation allows her vocals to stand out from the rest of the track.

But it is on “Footprints in the Sand” where Lewis delivers her most masterful performance. The inspirational, moving anthem declares a beautiful message that can be applied to many struggles in life (“I promise you I’m always there when your heart is filled with sorrow and despair / And I’ll carry you when you need a friend / You’ll find my footprints in the sand”). The final chorus builds into a resounding gospel-filled finale, and the song is the equivalent of Mariah Carey’s “Hero.”

Although it may seem that Lewis’ voice is hollowly compared to such stalwarts as Whitney and Celine, it is definitely not the case. Her absolutely stunning and beautiful vocals, as displayed on both the ballads and mid-tempos of ‘Spirit,’ will prove to be her key to successfully entering the U.S. music audience. In a time when vocalists are severely lacking, Lewis provides a much-needed credibility boost to the industry.


Impressive Debut!

Leona Lewis, is and will have a long bright future ahead of herself. Though that said, it does not necessarily mean the album does not have downers either. Sure, she has the vocals to reckon the best of today’s female artists, no doubt about it but even with the vocals, a wrong song is still a wrong song, At times the album does feel like a mixed baggage of songs that hardly blended well back-to-back. In the final product, it was nicely crafted, could have been more honed to one style but for a debut, variety is bliss.

Song’s I would recommend to those looking for brilliance on par with “Bleeding Love”:
“Better In Time” - a beautiful song, with a great message behind it. what is not to long about this song.
“Forgive Me” - one of the if not the only danceable tracks of the album, and considering the direction Simon had wanted for Leona, it was quite a surprise on first listen.
“Misses Glass” - the song is very Rihanna, in it felt like it could have been something on A Good Girl Gone Bad. Luckily, Leona got it and did a fantastic job in bringing soul to what would have probably been just another dance track, not that it can‘t be.
“Take a Bow” - another song done by Ryan Teddar of OneRepublic, I just love how Teddar is album to match a beat with vocals, it is just brilliant. I‘d even say it is better than “Bleeding Love” if you could believe.
“The Best You Never Had” - a bonus track that is surprisingly good, which is typically unusual as it is the song not picked for the ultimate product. this track is defiantly one of the reasons i'm glad to have picked up the deluxe edition rather then the standard.

Ballad’s I’d recommend:
“I Will Be” - I was pleasantly surprised to see a Avril Lavigne written song to actually cohere with Leona’s vocals, especially with the guitar and drums. however, it works and flows seemingly well together.
“Angel” - another high energetic ballad, but without the guitar. which is unusually to hear, a defiant positive change.
“Yesterday” - a great soothing song, with very catchy lyrics an a beat to boot. Leona’s vocals are especially beautifully played.
“Whatever It Takes” - catchy, and co-written by none other than Leona herself, one of 3 on the album. proving she‘s more than just a pretty face with vocals.
“Footsteps In the Sand” - very reminiscent to Whitney Huston’s “I’ll Always Love You.” Probably due to Simon Cowell having his hand at crafting the song lyrically.

Overall, got to give props to Simon and crew and achieving what they had set out to do, and that was creating a crossover sensation. To end this review I'd like to say, she is a talent not to be ignored.

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Leona Lewis has an amazing voice and this cd is absolutely incredible! More than I had hoped for!

So this is what I think of each song, and if you don’t want to read through all of it, the songs at the bottom are the one’s I recommend buying.

1. Bleeding Love – 10/10 – If you haven’t bought this song yet, you should definitely buy it. It’s absolutely amazing! Her voice is pure and beautiful, and the lyrics are really good. It’s one of my favorite songs on the CD.

2. Better In Time – 10/10 – I really like this song. It’s very pretty and has a nice beat, but it’s still calming. Her voice sounds amazing, as usual, and it’s an overall really good song. One of the better tracks. I can listen to it on repeat for a long time. Rumored to be her next single off the cd. The official music video is on YouTube.

3. I Will Be – 9.5/10 – Love this song and the lyrics! The demo doesn’t do it justice. You will have to buy the song to actually hear the best parts of the song. The music is nice and again very calming and pretty. It does remind me a little of “Moment Like This”. Avril sang this song too and there is a remix of this song with Avril and Leona singing together (that one is even better!), so iTunes, put the remix on iTunes! You can hear all versions on YouTube also.

4. I’m You – 7.5/10 – Not my favorite. It’s just a decent song. The thing I don’t like about it is that it sounds like a lot of other songs that are on the radio and it gets pretty boring after a minute of listening to it. I can live without this song on her cd. It’s very average for Leona. (On the other hand, the remix is fantastic! I give it a 10! The remix is on YouTube)

5. Forgive Me – 9.5/10 – I love the music to this song! It’s definitely a stand-out song. It’s really fun and it doesn’t sound like her other tracks. I really like it, very unique!

6. Misses Glass – 9.5/10 – Love the chorus of this song. It’s really nice and a little catchy and I love the beat! Her voice sounds a little weird in some parts of the song though, that’s my only problem.

7. Angel – 9.5/10 – The music and beat remind me a little of “Tattoo” by Jordin Sparks. Her voice even sounds like it too in some parts. Um, it’s a pretty good song. Sounds like other songs on the radio though. Her voice and lyrics are nice too.

8. The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face – 6/10 – This song bores me. It’s a little too sweet and slow for me, although her voice is very honest and calming in this song. It’s not my favorite; not her best. I won’t even bother listening to it again to be honest with you. Worst track on the cd.

9. Yesterday – 9.5/10 – Love this song. My favorite part of the song is the chorus. It’s really nice and there’s something about her voice that makes that chorus feel real. Her emotions in the song shine. Very good. One of the best ones on the CD. Should be one of her singles.

10. Whatever It Takes – 9.5/10 – I like this song. Nice voice, nice lyrics. This song also sticks to you after a while, so you start to like it more each time. Pretty good, and Leona wrote it.

11. Take A Bow – 10/10 – I love this song! Amazing! Fantastic! Outstanding! Omg, just great! Love everything about it! From the violins to the beat to her voice and the lyrics! It has got to be a single of hers! I love the intensity of the chorus! It’s great! Just trust me, you have gotta get this song! Like seriously, you just have to buy this song!!! LOVE IT SO MUCH! Best song I have heard in ’08 so far, that’s how good it is! You will have it on repeat for hours! If I could I would give this song a 100 out of 10! Better yet, a 1,000! BUY IT!

12. Footprints In The Sand – 8.5/10 – Very pure and pretty sound to her voice in this song. Great lyrics and an amazing message! It’s really nice. Not as good as some of her others. The video is so sad and heart-breaking. You will want to cry. I would recommend watching it – YouTube.

13. Here I Am – 7/10 – Another slow song. Not a big fan of this one either, although I love the lyrics.

Deluxe Version- 14. The Best You Never Had – 8.5/10 – Good song, although in some parts it sounds like she is screaming at me. Overall, pretty good.

Deluxe Version- 15. You Bring Me Down – 6/10 – Don’t really like it, that’s all I can say.

(16.) Bleeding Love remix – 8/10 – It’s okay. Not as good as the original, but still fun.

Definite Buys (in order): **BUY THIS SONG!

-Take A Bow**
-Bleeding Love
-Better In Time
-I Will Be

Other Options (in order):

-Forgive Me
-Whatever It Takes
-Misses Glass
-Footprints In The Sand
-The Best You Never Had

It’s a really nice debut cd. I am really looking forward to her future cds. She’s just absolutely amazing! I would just buy the whole cd if I were you! It’s so great and you will not regret it! And remember to buy “Take A Bow”! That is the Highlight song on her cd! BUY IT!

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