5 Songs, 16 Minutes


Melodic hardcore with a social conscience.


Melodic hardcore with a social conscience.


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4.6 out of 5
15 Ratings

15 Ratings

DicToYourNun$ ,

Come to Indonesia!!!

10/10! Old styg is way better! Play this is more! The lead singer is a sell out poser. Overall really solid record!

GrimRealism ,

I Think I Like It?

I'm a long time STYG fan. Seen them live numerous times, and rocked their previous three albums for countless hours. When I heard stirrings of a new EP, I was beyond excited...until I heard it.

This album still hits hard, provides powerful lyrics, and is reminiscent of the developed STYG style, much like prior albums. With this said, the clean vocals are beyond aggravating. I absolutely hate the transition from the group sung, chant-ish style from older albums to a more auto-tuned radio rock style chorus. This alone makes this album feel like something from another band - a band I don't much like.

I will continue listening to see if this grows on me, but my final recommendation to fans is to beware - STYG is still present in this album, in some forms, but the new additions make you long for Diamond.

JosephFontenot22 ,

War is all I F&CKING See!!!

STYG continue to put out the best of the best. Every CD is better than the one before it, they continue to stay true to their roots and release hard hitting hardcore riffs with passionate meaningful vocals. With the world in turmoil STYG is the perfect band to speak with an aggressive message that can reach the masses. $5 is a steal for this support STYG and keep the scene alive

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