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4.4 out of 5
28 Ratings

28 Ratings

Markpr73 ,

Bodes Well For Things To Come

I am a huge fan of the Head Carrier album and have seen the band twice in concert since that album came out. I can definitely hear compositional similarities to the last disc and that makes me VERY excited to hear the rest of the new stuff. Love the mix and the energy! Long Live The Pixies! Or death to the Pixies, whatever floats yer boat.

rjwahoo ,

Ryan Dellwood is an idiot

Sorry, but anyone who says Kim Deal was the" heart of the Pixies" is a moron. If you're so much in love with Trompe Le Monde and Planet of Sound, then I assume you know that album was 100% Black Francis, which ultimately led to the band breaking up (cuz Kim couldn't "deal" with being second fiddle). Black Francis / Frank Black is the best musician on the planet. I loved old Pixies, and always will. I also love what Frank Black did in his solo career, and what he's done since bringing back the Pixies. Nothing against her, The Breeders have some cool tunes...but the current Pixies don't need Kim Deal. It's ok to go your own way, and it's not even close who was more successful in doing so....

bigsled 1 ,

better than nothing I guess

Its funny reading reviews . For lot of fans these guys can do no wrong and are the best band in the world lol.
No band can match or come close to what they created in their heyday and the Pixies are no exception. Not having Kim Deal doesnt help .
Although this is better than head carrier and indie If you're looking for some intensity from Black like back in the day ( or even the beginning of this reunion : blu eued hex/ what goes boom ) you wont find it here with the exception of st. nazaire .
The songs dont quite sound as much like they are on autopilo like Indie and head carrier as they put more breaks in the songs and change the direction which helps a little.
For 75 % of this you literally can come into any part of this release and not be able to tell the difference between any one song but thats 25 % better than their last two releases .
It almost makes one wonder if they're having actual fun or just releasing so they have something to tour behind so they can pay their bills .
At least they wont have to pay the new girl as much as Kim which helps with retirement saving !

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