9 Songs, 45 Minutes


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3 Ratings

Dirtsandwich ,

Worth the Wait

Carl Franklin takes his time. He's not the kind of artist to rush a song into an arrangement based solely on what his ears want to hear, but rather, Carl lets each song find its own way until it is complete. I've watched him throw out entire instrument takes (the sort of takes that most musicians would kill to have) just because they didn't seem right for the song. I've watched him mix with the precision of a skilled surgeon, coming up for air only once the piece is complete, seamless and whole.

I've heard some of these songs for years. From their infant stages to this final product, these songs have been a labor of love for Carl. And when a guy as gifted as Carl takes on a labor of love, the finished product is usually well worth the wait. "Been A While" is no exception. The mixes, the performances, and the songs themselves are all top-shelf.

I've heard it said that we humans are incapable of perfection. So that leaves only measured, calculated and heartfelt. Carl Franklin has covered all of those bases with this new solo album.