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4.5 out of 5
460 Ratings

460 Ratings

Aznnihcellen ,

"Perfect Day" is One of the Best Techno Albums Ever!

I actually think this album deserves 4.5 stars, but I guess I'll round up because I'm truly impressed by this album. Yes, the beats are a little repetitive, but each song is at least FUN to listen to. Many techno/dance albums have one or two hits and the rest of the songs are only so-so. Almost all the songs here have the potential to become singles!

Here's a track-by-track review:

1) What Hurts the Most: (5 stars) - It's a cover of the Rascal Flatts' hit, but a really good cover...not cheesy at all. She makes it fun, energetic, and easy to dance to.
2) Faded: (5 stars) - I predict this will be the next single; it has meaningful lyrics that girls could probably relate to, and a slight variation on the traditional beat that she uses for most of her songs.
3) Holiday: (5 stars) - Great lyrics once again, and not so much bass drum in the background, which is nice.
4) He's All That: (4 stars) - Easy to sing along/dance to, but lyrics are very repetitive and not meaningful.
5) Perfect Day: (4 stars) - This song is coming to an Abercrombie & Fitch near you. Lots of drums, and a good beat that makes it easy to dance to.
6) Dream on Dreamer: (3 stars) - Inspirational, but lyrics are repetitive.
7) Could It Be You: (5 stars) - The only part-ballad track on this album, which is actually quite pretty. Her voice sounds great on this track.
8) Because the Night: (3 stars) - My least favorite track here. Lyrics are repetitive and don't really mean anything. Same old beat in the background which gets tired easily on this particular track.
9) Who Do You Think You Are: (4 stars) - Nothing special. More laid back and not as bass-heavy as some other tracks.
10) What Do You Want from Me: (5 stars) - You'll hear this one at Abercrombie too. Very fun to dance to when there are no lyrics and the beat becomes strong.
11) Runaway: (4 stars) - Sort of ballad-like at some points. Lyrics aren't anything special, and a little repetitive.
12) What Hurts the Most (Yanou's Candle Remix): (4 stars) - The ballad version. Probably better to buy it from the original artists; The Rascal Flatts

Overall, it's around 4.5 stars. The great thing about this album is that you can play the whole thing straight through during a dance party and no one would complain because the music is fun, even though the beats will eventually get tiring. I believe "Perfect Day" will avoid the famous "Sophomore Slump", and I hope that many of these songs become singles because mainstream radio does not have any good techno artists; CASCADA is pretty much the only one with any potential. She should make more music videos too! Anyway, I hope this review was helpful; sorry it was so long.

Rinvia ,

The Long Awaited Album

I have been waiting for this album since I heard about Cascada's new single in November.
This album is just as great as their other album, every song sounds different.
And yes, some of them have the some background music, but that's Dance music, all Dance music sounds the same.
If you aren't buying the whole album, then at least buy the songs; "What Hurts The Most", "He's All That", "Perfect Day", "What Do You Want From Me", "Runaway", and "Because The Night".
Or just a few of those if you are a Cascada fan. ^^;;
Hope that helped, and now I'm off to buy the album.

Mtolno88 ,

Cascada's Sophomore Album Is Nothing Short Of Amazing!

What else can be said about this album? It is a great follow-up to "Everytime We Touch"! It's amazing to say that the majority of the album is great! The highlights of this album would be:

What Hurts The Most
Dream On Dreamer
Because The Night
Who Do You Think You Are
What Do You Want From Me

All are amazing tracks with wonderful vocals by Natalie (what else would you expect?). I highly recommend this album to any dance music fan!

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