12 Songs, 46 Minutes


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4.7 out of 5
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60 Ratings



This is an AWESOME album. I first heard it back in 1979 and I still listen to it today. Back in high school I listened to it until my dad came home from work. I was afraid he'd freak out if he heard the lyrics!

Twitchy Eyebrows ,

Truly a musical, creative masterpiece

Easter, not much of a name. Mean't to describe the day Jesus rose from the dead, if you believe in that sort of thing I suppose. But nonetheless, Patti Smith and her band open up the sound of punk with perhaps the greatest song ever: Rock and Roll N****r. This song is a testament to the importance of an individual and the concept of true, boundless, freedom. Shallow people look at this song and decree "Thats racist" without taking the time to learn and understand the song and its true meaning. Patti Smith brilliantly preaches soft-spoken poetry with deep, painful meanings in the middle of the song. This album, with its nihilistic feel and edge; It's fantastic sound and one of the greatest poets of this century, creates an album that is truly and utterly Punk. We salute you Patti Smith.



One of her best and one of the best rock performances of all time. One concern about the itunes site, who decided that tracks 5 and 6 could possibly be separated ?

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