Real Estate

Real Estate

The debut release by this New Jersey-based quartet is filled with dreamy, drowsy pop that settles in easily. These 10 songs have a vaguely familiar ‘60s West Coast pop feel to them, and the vibe is backed up by multiple lyrical references to the beach along with sunny harmonies and a classic warbled surf guitar sound. The production is shimmering and hazy with ample reverb and subtle psychedelic touches highlighting the interplay between the guitars and wrapping the barely audible vocals in a warm glow. Chiming guitar figures propel the catchier numbers like “Beach Comber,” “Fake Blues,” and “Green River” while “Suburban Dogs” and “Suburban Beverage” lope along lazily. There’s also a pair of well-placed, bright instrumentals (“Atlantic City,” “Let’s Rock the Beach”) that help tie it all together. Overall, the album is a laidback affair that keeps its head above the waves thanks to some infectious melodies. A charming first effort from a band to watch.

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