14 Songs, 55 Minutes


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3.8 out of 5
25 Ratings

25 Ratings

joemanjamz ,

Catchy choruses

To the metal elitists: Go listen to a garbage disposal
To those who like flavor: this album has some very catchy songs.
To the guitarists: May not be the most fun album to play along with, I'll recommend Megadeths Rust in Piece for that.
To the vocalist: You've ben challenged.
Over all a good listen as you drive the backroads to nowhere.

Schuzach ,

A Solid Album

I know this review is coming late, but I must say this is truly a solid album by a great band. Is it there heaviest album? No. Honestly, I've never reached for an In Flames album when I want to listen to something brutally heavy. They've never been that band to me. I do however reach for their albums when I want something that has diversity. Something that is heavy, but lets up and has some great singing and melodies. This album does that exceptionally well! This album is chalk full of songs that are insanely catchy that you'll be singing all day.

john444345 ,

Their Best Work So Far

Look if you are still hoping IF will undo all their progress and revert to their 90’s sound, I’m telling you it’s not going to happen, stop trolling everything they do because your superior taste in music exceeds all the peasants around you. Sheesh this fandom is more toxic than Star Wars fans - calm down!

But for this album (as a fan of ALL In Flames) I would say I was really impressed. The range and clarity of Anders’ clean vocals are better than they have ever been in his life, and the fact that he’s worked so hard on it proves he wants to make great music not just ride the money train. And as always, the rest of the band is fantastic and the song writing is varied and high quality.

The new drummer does the job great! I’m so impressed at how this band has seen so many variations in the line up over the last 28 years and has always remained dead set on a vision for their music and direction.

My favorite song, personally, is Through My Eyes, but they are all really great.

Overall, phenomenal album by a phenomenal band - worth every penny :)

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