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276 Ratings

MusicLover134 ,

I Dreamt of Conquest

I fell asleep listening to Release Me with my V Moda Headphones. I was in the middle of the Roman Coliseum with Russell Crowe and Scipio Africanus. Together we fought lions, Jedi’s, and Sith Lords, nothing could stop us. Then suddenly, Caesar Agustus said to us both, “You have but one final foe; RELEASE THE DRAGON”. Suddenly we look up to the sky, hands over our eyes as the sun turned into an eclipse as this dragon came upon us, blinding us. We see the Charmandar Tattoo, we knew we were doomed. Nothing could defeat that monster.

Then Russell Crowe looks to me and says, "Do it, NOW!” I cast my hand to the sky and scream, “DO YOU HEAR THE PEOPLE SING!”

The Stadium crowd looks at one another, “SINGING THE SONG OF ANGRY MEN!"

Russel Crowe morphs into Javert. He stares at the Charmandar Tattoo, and it turns to dust. Then I awoke to my bed, nod my head and look at the time. I say to myself, “Crowe, you never let me down. Good one old chap."

NewZealandPuma ,

Can’t go wrong!

You just can’t go wrong with Two Steps From Hell! Their music is amazing and always will be. I’m giving a review before the album is even available because I know it will live up to the word epic!! We need more live shows guys.

Storm150 ,

The Epicness is REAL! (read below)

As with all TSFH this album is top of the line and the epicness is truly REAL. I kid you not. As soon as I clicked on the first song “None shall live” a dragon exploded out of the wall right next to me knocking me out of my office chair. He looked right into my face, seemingly past my eyes into my very soul. We both knew what we had to do. I grabbed my longsword from under my desk and jumped onto his back as my co-workers gazed in amazement. I flew off into the dark, blood red sky charging into the oncoming storm. In the chaos armies clashed, my dragon and I flew down to the ground to aid the one and only George Washington riding on the back of a velociraptor wielding a rocket launcher. We quickly dispatched all the enemies around us, charging forward we killed thousands of oncoming soldiers until none where left. We shook hands and nodded to each other and then parted ways. After a while I turned around and watched him disappear into the sunset. I mounted my dragon and flew back to the office and ate some chicken strips. The album will not disappoint.

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