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217 Ratings

yensid98 ,

Elfman Meets Batman

Undoubtably my favorite Elfman score. It's dark, mysterious, gothic and operatic yet playful and touching too. This isn't your typical action adventure film score. Unusual sounds are heard through out which lends the album a sense of experimentation. "Childhood Remembered" starts off quiet and mysterious and carries you along until you reach the unerving ending. I get chills most every time I listen to it. Very creepy stuff. Then you get big operatic tracks like "First Confrontation" and action-packed tracks like "Attack of the Batwing." Somehow Elfman manages to keep all of this sounding fresh and give it his own personal falir. Never do you have a sense of been there, done that with this score. His sound in these days was very distinct something that he's strayed from in some recent films.

For fans of Elfman, Batman, gothic music and/or film scores this is something that should not be passed up. A distinctive one-of-a-kind find.

DylN ,

Batman: The Way It Was Meant To Sound

Danny Elfman never ceases to amaze me. I grew up watching Tim Burton's Batman and it will always have a place in my heart. The one thing, though, that sticks out in my mind is the score. It is amazing.

The opening theme is just incredible, I get excited whenever I hear the beat start to pick up. It pumps me up. The score appeals to all sides of emotions too. At some parts it can be adventureous ("First Confrontation" which was a key scene in the film where Jack Napier fell into the vat of Chemicals, turning him into The Joker), and other parts can be very sad, such as "Childhood Remembered" (And if you know about Bruce Wayne's childhood you can understand). Best of all is it's dark and mysterious sound. That was the way the the story of Batman was supposed to be told, I mean, he is the Dark Knight.

Hands down, it is a great purchase, i've listened to it over and over, and everytime I love it even more.

Mattonio ,

A Great Film Score

As far as movie scores go for me...
1.Empire Strikes Back

Gothic, moody, adventerous, dramatic, sexy and orchestration at its best. Elfman in the late 80's and early 90's was in the Zone. From Batman to Scissorhands to Dick Tracy to The Simpson's theme song. The man was on fire and made alot of people jealous in the music biz. Sadly he seems to have lost much of that fire now as he opts for more progressive and experimental scores over the classic style he used in the past. A must buy for film music lovers and fans of great music everywhere.

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