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52 Ratings

Zomeck88 ,

Simply a Fun Batman

I'm a huge fan of Nolan's Batman, along with the score, and even though I believe that Batman Forever and Batman & Robin are easily terrible movies, there was a uniqunes and a fun quality that resembled the original tv show. That goofyness is ever present in the score Goldenthal created for these batman films. There are moments of great heroic fanfare like in the Main Titles that bring that adventurous comic book feeling to life, but there is also something that makes this an exciting listen. Like in Gothom City Boogie. Our there are the parts to the score that have that over the top villan sound ever so present in Holy Rusted Metal. Its not as dark or as interesting to listen to as oppose to Zimmer, and Howard's Score for Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, but it is an enteraining score none the less that gives me memories of when I originally saw these movies and the TV shows the came before them



the set designing and the music goes very well with this movie. i love this album.It's very different from the rest of the batman movies.

Gizmoknight ,


It's nice to see that Goldenthal's score is the soundtrack being offered, adn not the pop laden album that's always being seen in stores. The music here, while not as foreboding and melancholy as Danny Elfman's score for the previous two films, is nonetheless fun. Sadly, this music is also more apropriate for a jazz ball dance or something than it is for a BATMAN film. Still, beggars cannot be choosers, and at least we get to here the music. It's an acceptable score, but just not one I would expect for a Batman movie.

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