12 Songs, 30 Minutes


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4.9 out of 5
24 Ratings

24 Ratings

FH999999 ,

Is there anything Buckethead can't do with a guitar?

Is there anything Buckethead cannot do with a guitar? Grooves, riffs, groans, shreds, wails, and more.
This man simply keeps producing music of a quality and technicalities far exceeding all guitarists today. There are riffs and grooves I have never heard before and his expertise and prowess is truly amazing. My favorites are Veil of Tinfoil and Replacement Nail which I can't stop listening to since the album came out. Other songs show his amazing technical skills and amazing shredding abilities. Great Album and I wonder when the heck he has the time to make album after album in just a few months and over 6 albums in a year. AMAZING - TRULY AMAZING !!

Moto Guzzi Dude ,

Problem with download.

Anyone else having trouble downloading a complete CD today? It bombed out and I am not able to download one of the songs (Shatter Shell) from the CD. iTunes support/engineering is working on the problem. Very helpful on the phone. Hopefully it will work out!!
Otherwise this CD rocks!!!

anotherstalker ,

Pike 6

Twisted heavy, snake in the distance shredding only perceivable by this one singular chicken god. This album is demented actually, I couldn't imagine anyone who's never heard of Buckethead, really ever wondered just how sadistic he approaches the art of speed metal riffs. Let alone any kind of guitar playing. Balloon Cement is probably the sickest one half hour session of Buckethead truly shredding a guitar to pieces. It's broken up into 12 Mind bending song titles and will melt your entire face off if you sit through all of it. Traversing the entire Pike series has been a violent, emotional roller coaster, but it's a blast. This one is in my top 5 for sure.

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