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105 Ratings

Amandamitby ,


"I don't always download music, but when I do, I prefer Barcelona." - World's Most Interesting Man

Cruze34 ,


First, let me say that I LOVE THIS BAND. "Absolutes" is in my top 3 albums of all time. I have no problem with bands trying something different and experimenting as long as they can maintain some level of consistency behind their music. In my opinion, if you're going in a completely new direction from what got people to love you, it better be GREAT. One band I can think of that achieved this was U2 when they went from the "Joshua Tree" to "Achtung Baby". It was two different types of sounds but the emotion of each was so high where they could get away with it.
I'm not sure if Barcelona, going from deep, heart felt, storytelling songs to bubble gum 80's pop works that well. It's like seeing a great movies like the original Star Wars, waiting 15 years for a sequel and getting CGI'd Jar Jar Binks instead of Han Solo. Sure, it's still Star Wars but it just doesn't have the same feel that I have come to expect.
I don't hate this EP, it's just not what I want from a band that has poked at every one of my emotions in the past. Some of these songs have great potential if they would ditch the synthesizer and bring back the piano. Less is always more.

loneswish ,


Love the new sound! This band is amazing and can't wait for the other EP's!!

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