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296 Ratings

Rock Connoisseur ,

If you find BABYMETAL offensive, the joke is on you

If you're a die-hard metal purist that loves banging your head to some raw and brutal metal but with strict standards on what constitutes as an authentic metal band, then BABYMETAL isn't for you. If you're an avid pop music fan with an ear for catchy pop beats and melodies you can dance to but don't care for any big, dark and scary metal riffs, then BABYMETAL isn't for you either. This band is for people who simply don't care about the rules; for people that don't concern themselves with senseless on what bands are what genres and are able to look past the labels and see BABYMETAL for the amazing and unique band they are.

BABYMETAL really defies the laws of both pop and metal, two types of music that should be on completely opposite ends of the spectrum, but does it in the best way. With an amusing juxtaposed delivery made to throw off fans of either genres. There are areas where a real heavy and fast metal bridge will be playing when all of a sudden these cute and silly Japanese girl vocals kick in. Some songs have a pleasant J-pop tune accompanied with some melodic singing until it's abruptly overwhelmed by a blast of extreme metal. All done to create purposely awkward moments where you won't be able to help but laugh to yourself.

As if the purposely crude and awkward merging of the two genres wasn't enough, you'll find that some tracks have some pretty humorous lyrics when you look up the translations and know what they're singing about. These incredibly funny themes range from a song about one's love for chocolate while being fearful of becoming overweight from eating too much, only to realize it's too late (Gimme Choco) to a wildly absurd and downright hilarious account of a girl headbanging at a metal concert for her fifteenth birthday (Headbangeeeeerrrrr!!!!!)

But the humor isn't all that makes this album great, the music itself is quality material. The metal is awesome, the J-pop is catchy, you can tell they brought in writers and musicians from both metal and J-pop to bring the best of both worlds to the table. The album is a brilliant and succesful experiment done by a truly one-of-a-kind act. And that's something that can rarely be said about music artists these days.

Are they a real metal band or they just a J-pop group? Who cares?! Their music is fun and entertaining from start to finish! And if you're really still asking that question at this point and still consider them a disgrace to metal or whatever then you're taking this WAY too seriously. Grow up, be more open-minded and for crying out loud, develop a sense of humor! Because you're really missing out here.

Alekalen ,

Highly skilled metal meets high energy JPop

There will be a lot of people that reject Babymetal, but not because it's not good. The backing band is top notch and does some serious shredding. Su-metal's vocals are powerful and soaring. It's rare to hear music that you can thrash to and also get stuck in your head.

CG Lynch ,

Very Cool

Most def a strange mix, but all in all great tunes! if you are a fan of J-Pop or Metal you will probably dig it. And if not, You might find it entertaining anyways. The musicians are great, and the girls that make up the triad really comand the listener and when live the stage. Give it a shot!


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