Editors’ Notes The Reading, U.K.-based Slowdive was the gentlest of the shoegazer bands, often wrapping itself in a pillowy gauze of sound that outdid the most ethereal 4AD groups. This was the group's first release, and it's said to be a demo tape—put out after the band members were displeased with a professional studio recording. It's a deliberately obscure and (on the surface) formless sound that's perfect for meditation or comfortable dreaming. The track "Slowdive" works as a subliminal atmospheric piece. The only shortcoming is its five-minute length; it should be 20. "Avalyn" is featured in two versions, vocal and instrumental, with a slight edge given to the eight-minute instrumental mix, since its length lets listeners be suitably transported. Fans of Sigur Ros should be impressed. Neil Halstead and Rachel Goswell would, after a wonderful career as Slowdive, go on to form the impressive country-influenced Mojave 3.

Avalyn 1
Avalyn II

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