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4.3 out of 5
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29 Ratings

Expecting ,

This Album is Good, Just like all of Montreal

Is this album jarring? Yes. Is it over the top? Well it wouldn’t be of Montreal if it wasn’t. Is this album good? Yes! Very good. I can’t seem to understand the people who just rag on some of Montreal albums, yet hold others to such high esteem. It’s all the same product from the same mind that is channelling his current influences, which now is guitar driven 70’s punk. This album rocks. It’s raw and emotive, and all over the place, as if you mixed Paralytic Stalks (I think is his best album contrary to popular opinion) and Lousy With Sylvianbriar.
There’s a reviewer here who slams Kevin for “copying” punk acts like Talking Heads, yet praising the “good old days” when Coquelicot and Gay Parade were at large. If this is “copying” Television and Talking Heads, then don’t you dare act like his first albums weren’t “copying” the Beatles and Brian Wilson.
I’d like to say something I don’t see often on album reviews for of Montreal: All of his albums are noteworthy. Cherry Peel is bliss, Coquelicot is insane fun, Aldhis Arboretum is underrated, Hissing Fauna is great but the juxtaposition of the overly happy music didn’t sell me on the subject matter, Skeletal Lamping is incredible because it’s Coquelicot mixed with Hissing (two albums everyone loves yet the consensus is that Skeletal is a failure), tracks 3-8 of False Priest are freak pop perfection, and Paralytic Stalks brought back the intense pain that was talked about in Hissing, but in Paralytic Stalks the music and out-of-this-world production made you FEEL it.
Sometimes I wonder if I’m alone in this world loving every effort Kevin and the gang put out. Maybe I don’t wanna hear the same boring indie pop. Maybe I like the complex, at times random, chord progressions that challenge me as a musician of what others deem “works”. Maybe I am a little ADD about my indie pop and albums like this and Skeletal Lamping are the only things that fulfill that craving. The best part of all, is that Kevin is never going to recreate one of his past works. I’d love another Paralytic Stalks and I’m sure you would love another Hissing, but Kevin moves on because his love in life is figuring out all the different things he can do with his music. So here we are. His newest effort. It sounds nothing like what he’s done in the past. For that I am glad. This album is very good.

Apple Pirates ,


This is a solid Of Montreal album. Some of the song structures are just purely bonkers and I love it.
(my faves are Hissing Fauna and Sunlandic Twins)

RLsoccer ,

Oh wow good

Ow wow idk what to say this is good stuff

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