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4.6 out of 5
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131 Ratings

UncleChrispy ,


This album was definitely worth the wait

Bananapatata ,

Still good

Madina Lake continues the sound from their first major album, yet eases off the pop a little bit. While the songs may not be as catchy, ML hits harder this time around. This album is not a let down, nor is it a surprise. It's a good album overall with several incredible tracks.

my favorite band ,

You need to get this album.

Madina Lake has done really well on this album. Yes, its different from their first album FTTUTY, but i think its different in a good way. It shows what Madina Lake can really do.

1. Never Take Us Alive: 10/10 The first single off the album, and one of the best. its one of the catchiest songs on here, and i love the guitar and chorus in this song. It reminds me of a fight song, and it makes me want to go out and fight or run a race or something
2. Let's Get Outta Here: 10/10 kind of a "poppy" song, but still one of the best. i love the guitar. bass and drums in here. nathans vocals are terrific too. it seems kind of dancy, and i love the chorus.
3. Legends: 9/10 also a "poppy" song, but its still good. kind of a stretch for Madina Lake, but i love how they sound. love the beat in this song.
4. Criminals: 9/10 seems like the complete opposite from Legends, also seems different from the FTTUTY sound, but once again, one of the best songs on the album.
5. Through The Pain: 11/10 might be the best on the album, i love it. the chorus is great, and i love how its kind of a slowish song.
6. Never Walk Alone:9/10 Kind of a weird sounding song, but its still good. its short and sweet, and very catchy.
7. Not For This World:9/10 i really like the chorus and the end of this song. i like how the vocals are kind of whispered during this
8. Welcome to Oblivion:12/10 All time favorite on the album. i love everything about it, the vocals are terrific, and i love the chorus.
9. Silent Voices Kill: 11/10 Another personal favorite. i love the chorus alot, and the guitar solo is really great in here
10. Statistics: 10/10 Another one of my favorites. i love the guitar in here, and the chorus is really catchy.
11. Friends & Lovers: 9/10 its a nice slow song, the vocals are really deep. i love the vocals, and the trumpets add a nice touch to the chorus.
12. Lila, The Divine Game: 9/10 sort of gives you a feeling of what ML's about. really good instrumental song.
13. Never Take Us Alive ( Mix) 10/10 i LOVE how they turned this into a slow song with just piano. nathan really gets to show off his vocals, and i love it.
14. What's the Point: 9/10 seems a little heavy for ML, but its still a good song. like the bass in here.
15. Scorched Earth: 10/10 i really love this song, even though its only instrumenal. gives you a feeling of the next installment for the Adalia story.

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