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4.7 out of 5
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79 Ratings

TeeJayNeeMan ,

One of the most beautiful and touching albums of all time!

My Morning Jacket...wow...what can I say? They are AMAZING. Some people look at their older albums (this one and their first, Tennessee Fire) and they think "booooring...slow folky...blah" but no you guys are so wrong. Jim James is one of the greatest singers of all time and unlike on "Evil Urges", on "At Dawn" his voice is what shines. The song writing is beautiful. I mean you hit the 1:30 mark on the song "At Dawn" and BOOM there it is. "Lowdown" and "The Way That He Sings" are also great. But really my two favorite songs on this album are "Bermuda Highway" which is just...just...I can't explain it...ghostly...it sends me shivers and of course "Xmas Curtain" which is a very happy song to go along with a very cheerful and upbeat album. This is My Morning Jacket's second or third best album in my opinion (Behind Z but possibly in front of Evil urges) and you MUST CHECK IT OUT. Wow.

cmm1229 ,

Emotional rollercoaster

[5/25/2011] - If you're just getting into MMJ, Im sorry its taken this long(first of all), but this may not be the album that grasps your ears in terms of recording and quality. If you're a huge fan of MMJ, like myself, then all of their albums are appreciated in different ways. "At Dawn" is an amazing album. Much like "Tennessee Fire", it tends to be on the more melancholy side of their catalogue. Jim James vocals, acoustic guitars, slowed down tempos (minus a few songs), the MMJ creativity and songwriting, as well as the infamous MMJ reverb are displayed beautifully on this album. From the beginning of the title track, listeners become hooked by the haunting sounds and sometimes eerie personality of this album. True MMJ fans will testify that "At Dawn" is best appreciated listening to it in a relaxed environment, away from a big crowd, with a few glasses of wine or your favorite beverage and around sunset or at dawn(after an all-night bender), as the members suggest in the title. In this setting, the listener will truly be able to contemplate the depth of the lyrics as Jim James talks about love, death and the trials of growing up. Through songs like "Hopefully", "If It Smashes Down" and "I Needed It Most" you get a sense of James' personal struggles with his own attempts at love and drug use. As a whole its not entirely slow-tempoed. Songs like "Lowdown", "Way That He Sings", "Xmas Curtain", and the almost reggae feel of "Phone Went West" help to give the listener a vision of where this band was heading leading up to MMJ's more mainstream albums "It Still Moves" and "Z".
Once you have officially become hooked on MMJ, you will listen back to all of their albums and can quickly hear their progression as a band in all aspects. All MMJ albums are best to be listened to for the first time in their entirety and just like a live MMJ show, each album is a rollercoaster of emotions that will have the listener wanting more. "At Dawn" is no different in this regard.
This album is a staple for all hardcore MMJ fans.

shapstar ,

MMJ's best

I am a newcomer to the wonderful world of MMJ, and what an amazing world it is! At Dawn is the strongest record of the entire MMJ discography, imo. The melodies are consistently strong and creatively crafted throughout, and the lyrics alng with the echoing, lingering voice that Jim James injects into the songs is just soul touching. It's a familiar sound, but original and natural enough, especially with Jame's voice, that it is like nothing else. I have made my way through all of the albums, and "Lowdown" remains my #1 MMJ song to date, and many others like "Death Is My Sleazy Pay", and "Bermuda Highway" are close behind. The Album creates an atmosphere unlike any other, and keeps it alive, unlike "It Still Moves", which I found lost me about halfway through. This is a great place to start if you are new to MMJ! Get it, then get the others!

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