10 Songs, 55 Minutes


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4.8 out of 5
35 Ratings

35 Ratings

Eric E. ,

Album came out in 2003

Great album, not to be confused with their black and white 1980 album. Same self titled deal.

This is a 2003 release.

kepano ,

Great Album - Wrong Review

This was a strong return for KJ a few years ago (with Dave Grohl on drums), but not the 1980 classic reviewed here.

Rhyno X ,

Rolling Stone gave this 2 outta 5 stars...

...because "all the humorless doom and gloom gets tiresome after awhile." Typical, short sighted weak journalism from hippy burn outs and the money grubbers who still worship their fallen,drugged out idol rock stars. Killing Joke outdo & exceed their best work. This LP is right up there with the 1st LP, Revelations, & Fire Dances. Dave Grohl POUNDS the life outta the drums like he did with Scream & Nirvana at their peak. The band lays down pavement cracking lockstep Rock. Jaz tells it like it is and foretells the soon to come almost daily mass murder trend we're getting here in 2016. Rolling Stone's 4th year freshman blowhard critic should be duct taped to a chair in Gitmo & forced to listen to the LP again while watching a CNN feed of global, daily slaughter from 2016 and tell us Killing Joke is too gloomy. Moron. Sadly iTunes doesn't have the US CD's version of this LP's perfectly brutal reworking of Wardance

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