Editors’ Notes When California songwriter Victoria Monét sings “I earned that shit” on this smooth R&B jam, she isn’t crooning about her musical success, but a more physical asset. “This year, I got serious about my health,” Monét tells Apple Music. “I got in the gym every day and invested in a trainer. It’s such a part of my life, it was hard for me not to write a song about it. When I look back, know I worked for something and put the hours in.”

“Ass Like That” is certainly a celebration of being fit, but it’s also about self-improvement and empowerment. “As a rap fan, I've always loved the cadence and beats they use. But the lyrics take power away from women talking about their own bodies because they’re commenting on our body parts,” says Monét. "It's a message for a woman to sing about it and take back control.”


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