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4.1 out of 5
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1.9K Ratings

uncnick157 ,


amazing cd. yes its different than old etf, but its soo good. craig is an amazing vocalist with incredible range

we wont back down- 8/10 great opener, hits hard from the start
on to the next one - 9/10 love the groove of this song
ashley- 8/10 catchy as hell
something- 8.5/10 catchy as well, slightly better than ashley imo
the flood- 9/10 just an in your face song. awesome vocals
let it go - 10/10 love this song. craigs vocals are amazing and max's bass line carries this song so well
you are so beautiful - 8.5/10 great song, love the breakdown.
this war is ours- 9/10 hard as hell, awesome. very catchy chorus
10 miles wide- 8/10 good song, short verses, love the combo of max and josh todd
harder than you know - 8.5/10 a very good ballad, craigs voice is amazing
its just me- 10/10 possibly the best song on the album, craig is incredible and the music is great. love this song.


Reverse77 ,

Don't hate on either singer

Some people need to stop hating on either singer. I personally liked Ronnie a lot better even if people say he couldn't sing. he didn't need to know how cos he made the song come alive in his own way. Craig is awesome... and I could say many things about him too but lets cut all this down.

Quick note: all those 1 star raters need to stop their crying cos there's no way this could be a 1. I know Ronnie is not here and its a disapointment but don't take your anger out on Craig or on this album. It's gotta be at least a 2 or 3.

I see this whole change as Escape the Fate being two bands now. The Ronnie and Craig sides. They are both bands I like... there is no "one killed the other" type thing here cos both "bands" are great... so Craig didn't really kill ETF cos this album is at the very least great.

Ronnie will hopefully start a band when he gets out, and not screw it up this time. I think this whole band loss will be enough to get him thinking. I hope so, cos Ronnie owns!!!

So I hope people stop saying crap about either singer cos they have made ETF awesome... although many of us prefer the way Ronnie sang... just don't hate on a good album.

It was Craig or no ETF... or some crappy singer... so be happy they have Craig and wait for Ronnie to come out with something. Well, that was my view on this whole Ronnie vs Craig. About the album... it's great!!! It has somewhat of a pop rock sound to it, lossing the metal side to it except for a couple songs.

If you only wanna buy one, buy This War Is Ours cos just like The Guillotine, they were inspired by Halo (3). Craig uses like two different screaming types or whatever in that song... on way better than the other but it still makes an awesome song.

I wanted to hear "The Structure Falls" on record but I'm glad it's not on here cos that means that Ronnie might use it. It's his song anyways.
thanks for reading, now buy it!!!

[[chemistyofacarcrash]] ,

"Escape The Fate is taking over the world, so buckle your seatbelts 'cause we're here to stay' "

After waiting a few very long months, the year's most anticipated, controversial album is finally here. With the departure of Ronnie Radke, a lot of people (including myself) were very skeptical of the new CD and the new direction that the band would be headed in. After waiting over 30 hours for the release of "The Flood" and finally hearing all the songs I am more than impressed. Craig Mabbitt has taken all former expections and thrown them aside, creating a five star album. Yes, the new ETF songs are very different because Ronnie had a different voice and he contributed different aspects to the band. But, if people would stop being stubborn and actually listen to the music for what it is now... they would realize that every single one of these songs on this CD are amazing. This War Is Ours offers a wide variety of songs for listeners to choose from. Songs like "The Guillotine II", "We Won't Back Down" and "The Flood" have the hard, pounding guitars that we have all grown to love with a touch of "hard rock" to them. "It's Just Me" has an almost theatrical sound to it. :) Then you have songs like "You Are So Beautiful", "Something" and "Ashley" which are all impossible not to love. Yes, these songs are more radio friendly and pop-ish but you have to understand that every band matures and changes their sound around. Adding a special surprise, Josh Todd from Buckcherry does guest vocals in "10 Miles Wide" I was quite surprised but happy with this appearance. Lastly, ETF takes a chance with "Harder Than You Know" writing a beautiful ballad. Throughout the entire CD there are lots of themes of romance and girls, but this song is simply perfection. I would recommend the album to anyone, old or new fans. And those who are still being stubborn about the change in vocalists...please, just give them a chance. :]

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