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“As The River Flows” is a gorgeous solo piano single by American composer/pianist Suzanne Grosvenor. Originally composed in 1986, Grosvenor recently re-recorded it, giving it new life. Grosvenor started piano lessons at the age of seven and began performing her own compositions at age 8. With an upbringing in classical music, she played piano, violin, cello, clarinet and percussion. She wrote a hit song in her 20’s and composed soundtracks for films and documentaries in her 30’s. She also toured with various music groups and worked as a session musician.

“As The River Flows” is both relaxed and elegant, reflecting on the gentle yet powerful flow of the water as well as the various influences on Grosvenor’s musical creations. She sent me a very interesting “back story” for this piece that bears being included in this review:

“I was walking by the Willamette River one day in Oregon, among the giant trees, and feeling the great peace of the scene. As I gazed out onto the river, swirling eddies played upon the smooth surface of the great, flowing water. My thoughts were quiet and still and in a moment I began to hear a beautiful melody emanating from the subtle currents on the surface of the water. I stood mesmerized for awhile, no other people around, enamored with the strength and power of the mighty yet serene river, hearing this song playing in my mind.

“As I walked home that day, I listened as the melody played over again in my thoughts. Coming home, I went to my piano and the song came flowing out in a piece of music. The first page poured out onto the page that afternoon. The next day, the second half came exactly as the first had come.

“This was 1985….

“Still, now, in awe of the music, it comes pouring through when I allow it a chance to be heard. I am amazed at how the music speaks to me in what feels like my first, most important language; the language that speaks most strongly to my heart.”

I am very excited about discovering Suzanne Grosvenor and her music and am anxious to help spread the word!

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