13 Songs, 46 Minutes


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3.2 out of 5
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33 Ratings

keronian ,

Joyful mayhem

Another gem from OOIOO! Armonico Hewa expands on the tribal rhythms and call-and-response chants heard on Taiga, along with the usual psychedelic guitars, acrobatic vocal melodies and twittering electronics that have come to define their sound. They also bring an infectious funkiness to this record that I've never heard before (check "Honki Ponki" for a taste). Yoshimi is perfecting her art here... this is OOIOO at their creative peak. Totally celebratory and free music. Fans of OOIOO and the Boredoms NEED this! Don't be deterred by disingenuous naysayers who haven't even listened past the samples... they're missing out!

Ponyfingy ,

Armonico Hewa

Its amazing and its sad the low grade of human waste who cant understand anything unless its played on dancing with the stars of american kill me now! TRY LISTENING TO IT!! Thats a start

schmenderbender ,

this is great... why all the hate?

why do haters think it's okay to trash an album in a genre they clearly have no interest in? do they do the same for every new opera and avant-jazz release as part of a mission to uniformly denounce everything except linkin park and the black eyed peas? ooioo rulez!