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8 Ratings

true rebel6 ,

This is What an Epic Journey Feels Like

For those who do not know this band, you need to gewt with the program. There is a lot os asymphonic bands out there as we all know,BUT very few engage you slowly song by song. I would advise you listen to this cd from beginning to end. Do not skip a song or play some and then listen later. If you listen to this cd from the very first note to the complete end, You will discover how ingenious this production is. the whole album is a journey of unforseen bliss. Your brain might need a day or two to recover from the orgasm it will have. Not in the sexual sense but in the sense of watching lord of the rings or fantastical stories that leave you out of breathe. I will guarantee that this one album will change the way you listen to music, the way you feel about music.

Vortexx113 ,

Absolutely stellar

With their third album Argia, Diabulus in Musica continue to cement themselves as one of the most unfairly underrated bands of their genre. While Secrets and The Wanderer were solid albums in their own right, Argia sees the band really coming into their own in terms of songwriting.

You'll get a bit of everything symphonic metal has to offer here, from the more riff heavy "From the Embers" to the soaring operatic stylings of "Healing" to the all out speed metal of "Mechanical Ethos." Short of the two ballads and instrumental interludes, music-wise this is the heaviest album this band has done, though keyboardist Gorka Elso does restrain his growled vocals as compared to the band's previous two albums. Most of the vocal duty falls to Zuberoa Aznárez, who only seems to be getting better with time and fits the powerful, epic feel of the music perfectly.

Instrumentally, DiM really stands out from the whole "pop music with electric guitars" sound that many of the lesser known symphonic metal bands suffer from. The guitars and orchestra are loud, they are fast, and they are heavy, and yet have the same sort of Tarja-era Nightwish catchiness to them. Metal fans should love it, and even non-metal fans should be able to get past what few growls Gorka does employ on this album (though he has gotten quite good at them) and see the beautiful melodies for what they are.

The only minor nitpick I have would be the three instrumental interludes. They're not bad by any means, but they don't really go anywhere or lead up to anything. And considering the immaculate quality of the rest of the album, it makes me wish we had gotten one or two more actual songs in their place.

As it stands, Argia is a near flawless album from a criminally underrated band. If you're a fan of Nightwish, Epica, and the like, pick this up, these guys deserve your support.

Best Tracks: "From the Embers", "Furia de Libertad", "Mechanical Ethos", "Encounter at Chronos' Maze", "Healing"


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