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Mastered for iTunes

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45 Ratings

Sakr3d ,

Unleash The Archers - Apex Review

This is my first adventure with UtA and what a wonderful adventure it is. I love good concept albums and this is certainly one. The story starts off with the entity called Immortal being summoned from his thousand year slumber in “Awakening”. Immortal wanders the realm seeking who called him until the Shadow Guide, the bird you see on the album cover, finds him and leads him to his summoner, The Matriarch. We are introduced to her through stories told by others. We learn how evil and feared she is as each tale about her is even more outlandish than the previous. In “Cleanse the Bloodline” Immortal meets The Matriarch and learns why he was summoned. She offers him mortality so that he can finally rest in peace. In exchange for this peace, he must track down her four sons so that she can take their life essence to extend hers. “The Coward's Way” finds Immortal encountering the oldest son. “False Walls” has Immortal hunting down the tyrannous second son. In “Ten Thousand Against One”, Immortal lays waste to ten thousand soldiers protecting the third son. “Earth and Ashes” shows the sadness, guilt, and pain that Immortal feels for his task and for the last son. He knows that when his quest is complete that he will be betrayed. In “Call Me Immortal”, Immortal’s quest has come to an end. The Matriarch has completed the ritual and she has betrayed him. She sends him back to his mountain keep to slumber for eternity. He knows that The Matriarch will call upon him again and there is nothing he can do about it. In “Apex”, Immortal returns to his resting place to regain his strength. He dreams of another life over the next thousand years only to be called upon again. From beginning to end, this album is amazing. Every song is unique and purposeful. The vocals are top notch, the riffing is great, and the bass and drum all dance beautifully together. The production is top notch as well and allows you to hear everything clearly. This album is so good. Give it several spins before passing judgement. It took me five full listens before I adjusted and “got” it. I’m so glad I kept at it.

Olivierc11 ,


Wow. First time ever hearing of this band just scrolling through iTunes, and I'm absolutely amazed. Possibly the most refreshing metal band of this decade. Brittany Hayes blows the competition out of the water with her excellent Halfordian vocal performance; I think she could legitimately go toe-to-toe with any vocalist, male or female, in the genre. In addition, the instruments all sound great, as well as the production. In the sea of dreariness and trendhopping that metal has become, it's nice to see that truly great, artful, and purposeful music of this style can still be made.

RealJPTX ,

Been waiting for this

This is the kind of music that UTA had to have said "you know, I really want to hear this kind of music on the radio" so they go out and make it happen. It's certainly what I have waited to hear and I really hope this gets into some kind of airplay here in the States if it hasn't already on many different platforms, mainly Sirius XM's Octane channel. I really miss some good hardcore metal and this album just nails it. This band has a great thing going and I wish them all the best.

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