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2 Ratings

CandiceMichelle1 ,

Gently sweeping ensembles of keyboard and strings

Anaya is a Brazilian composer, keyboardist and vocalist who creates music devoted to elevating the human spirit. Her previous album, Eternity, was recorded with the Prague Symphony Orchestra, with her latest album, Aonki: Gateway of Love, mostly continuing along a similar path. Featuring musicians such as Fabianne Gotelipe on violin, Daniel Marques on viola and Priscila Jota on cello, the compositions are essentially characterized by gently sweeping ensembles of classical stringed instruments with keyboard textures woven throughout.

“Laman Song” opens somewhat dramatically with an orchestral motif that quickly comes to a swell. Immediately bringing-to-mind that of a ship sailing upon stormy seas, the listener is eventually seemingly led out of its path into calmer waters, as the rest of the composition playfully carries on for a bit with its rather peculiar melody of symphony and synthesizer. “Breath” follows next and is easily one of the loveliest pieces on the album. Characterized by celestial tones and subtly flickering textures that convey lots of illumination, the piece is led by a tender cello melody as it seemingly drifts along airily like a feather in the wind.

“Because of You” is another highlight that opens with a chorus of classical strings. Featuring a somewhat improvisational arrangement, Bernardo Bittencourt lends a touch of Baroque with a European lute instrument. The subsequent compositions “Aonki Mov I” and “Aonki Mov II” both reside almost squarely within neoclassical territory, with the latter piece featuring the accompaniment of The Brazilian Symphony Orchestra. Also notable is “Extase II”, which is briefly introduced by sounds of rushing water, as synthesized pan-pipes and celestial tones convey an innocent, magical quality that effectively brings-to-mind idyllic images of peaceful gardens and rivers.

“A Path to the Infinite” offers a caressingly warm conclusion to the album with an arrangement that sounds almost entirely comprised of stringed instruments, as the piece dances lightly about in a rather carefree manner that eventually ends on a radiant note.

One observation particularly worth noting about this album is that its melodies tend to be characterized by a superficially wandering nature, as opposed to being more descriptive of profoundly moving or memorable suites. Essentially, Aonki: Gateway of Love mostly relies on the strength of beautiful-sounding instruments that best-fittingly serve as conceptual aural collages – and will likely be most-appreciated among listeners within that defining capacity.

KathyPiano7 ,

From MainlyPiano

"Aonki - Gateway of Love" is the follow-up to Anaya Music’s 2016 release, "Eternity," which was nominated for Best Album in the Neo-Classical category by Zone Music Reporter. Although "Aonki" was released just a few weeks ago, it is already being honored with world-wide recognition and has been nominated for Best Contemporary Instrumental Album (2017) by One World Music Radio. Subtitled “Cosmic New Age Music,” this is Anaya Music’s second virtual collaboration and real-time recording in cyberspace between her label in Brazil, a live symphony orchestra in Prague (The Czech Republic), and Orchestra.net in Los Angeles. Anaya Music plays keyboards and guitars on all of the songs. She also composed, arranged and produced all of the music except for “Breath,” which was arranged and produced by Anaya Music and Steve Salani at Orchestra.net.

"Aonki" is the name of the Gateway of Love and came to Anaya in meditation as the driving force and guiding light for the journey of the recording. The album reflects Anaya’s belief that 2018 is a “gateway year for overcoming differences and going to the Divine aspect of life, both individually and collectively.” The warm and optimistic tone of the music is inviting and welcoming, encompassing a variety of music genres and styles. Strings are very present in all of the pieces, creating a more classical feeling despite the ambient textures and often free-form structure.

The album opens with “Laman Song,” a piece that begins like the energetic soundtrack to an adventure film, but quickly transforms into a much mellower and more peaceful mode about 30 seconds into the piece. Guitars, flutes, voices, strings, and other instruments seem to be playing several different pieces at the same time in places, but then the strings come in as a single voice at the very end, perhaps as a call to love or unification. “Breath” is much gentler and more melodic as a cello becomes the lead voice as other instruments shimmer around it. “Gate” starts with an energetic keyboard motif, followed by a solo horn with string washes behind it. The full orchestra enters for the last section of the piece, which is my favorite on the album. “Aonki Mov I” and “Aonki Mov II” comprise a two-movement suite. “Mov I” is light and very ambient with strings and woodwinds creating a soothing and peaceful atmosphere. “Mov II” is somewhat darker and more poignant while maintaining a dreamy, tranquil state. The last three tracks, “Extase II,” “Just for you,” and “A Path to the Infinite” are ambient orchestral works that are vibrant, yet very peaceful, allowing the listener to step into a world where all is well - even if only for a short time.

Anaya Music has become a very strong voice in new age music. "Aonki - Gateway of Love" will show you why.

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