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49 Ratings

Baz ,

Simply Amazing

Many people cite the first Velvet Underground record or the Ramones self-titled album as the basis for their music career but I remember the day that I bought this album (1985) at a record store in Minneapolis as the single most important day in my "musical life". I actually bought it thinking it was a different record but by the time I had gotten through the first side I had forgotten all about my intended purchase. "Visiting the Zoo" is simple one of the best opening tracks ever and it just doesn't weaken! The day after I bought this I played "Scenario" for my friend and we knew we had to start a band (which we're both still in to this day). So mabye I should put this record down as ruining my life with dreams of superstardom but I can't because, as I listen to it now, I can feel those dreams still.

himynameisjuan ,

More than a one-hit wonder band.

Most people have heard of Dramarama by the song, "Anything, Anything" and yeah, it's a good song. But there's alot more to this band than that. Some other great songs are: Questions, Scenario, Some Crazy Dame, Etc. (the first one, the other one is a remix.) and the Velvet Underground cover, Femme Fatale. So go beyond the single and expose yourself to an awesome 80's band.

phill de graves ,

Keeping it Reel

Underrated by the masses.

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